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organic food and ecological culture merge into organic space, in Madrid


More of 600 square meters for ecological culture, health, welfare and environmental awareness. All these components are merged into Organic space, the most complete BIO center of Madrid.

Here are part of a organic supermarket, an organic restaurant, workshops, natural therapies, including boxes home with organic recipes and more organic ingredients.

Organic Space Company was founded with the goal of becoming a creative place, cooperative and community service. In his philosophy he emphasizes support for small producers; respect for the chain of production-distribution-consumer; offer local and seasonal products; and and promote the close relationship to customers based on advising the best products.

“We are a living and strong project. Our mission is to be the highest point of the organic sector in Madrid ", Nacho López explained, BIO manager of this center. "We want to promote a change of consciousness in favor of agriculture organic production and sustainable development, bringing us closer to nature ", He added López.

Business lines: Supermarket, restaurant and food delivery

  • Supermarket: More than 6.000 ecological references, users can find a wide variety of high quality products, from the best fruits and vegetables from local producers to herbal products.
  • restaurant: Referred to as "organic food", It is known for offering different styles of food: Vegetarian, vegan, without gluten, meat products, for any kind of intolerance, etc. This restaurant offers completely healthy home cooking, for which have been used, In its great majority, whole grains or steamed preparations made, avoiding refined, fried and frozen raw materials.
    The BIO Center also offers a daily menu 100% ecological and affordable (13,90€), with which to eat every day healthily. Supply companies, events and individuals in an ecological catering for celebrations is another of the differential values.
  • Fresco at home: It is the online platform that sells boxes of healthy and organic ingredients so that users can prepare recipes specialists who design company, an easy way, comfortable and rápida.ç

Then, we share some of the products and culinary we offer organic space through its account Twitter:

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