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Healthy food, delicious and quality thanks to the nearest service station


A throughout the world we can find different ways of cooking, keep, present, reuse and even share on social networks foods that cook. In any case, each chef, cook or hobbyist who stands in front of the stove seeks the same goals; satisfy others by elaborating delicious and are healthy and sustainable food.

Every day we discover new cases and excellent ideas that materialize thanks to the different perspectives and techniques that we can apply on food and culinary experiences.

Among all the news and trends, we wanted to focus on those that have arisen around the enormous possibilities of the products that are marketed at service stations. these establishments, so far they had not conceived as the ideal places to buy ingredients with which to cook, but rather, plates or products ready, but this is starting to change perspective.

Succeed on Instagram by uploading photos of dishes cooked with ingredients purchased at service stations

There are many occasions in which we have been able to verify how some service stations or gas stations already have a very wide catalog of food products and that meet all the criteria necessary to cook delicious and healthy dishes.

In the case of the great Christine Flynn, best known as Instagram Chef Jacques Shit, which brings together more than 140.000 followers thanks to their fascinating recreations of fine dining dishes using ingredients purchased from different gas station stores.

A scathing critique and bombastic great current haute cuisine, more focused on appearance “cool” of food in his nutritional value or taste, which can be found much more easily and closeness which we often think.

Discover healthy products, quality and at the best prices in your nearest service station

When it comes to preparing special dishes with products easy to find, there are few times that we realize that it can be as simple as going to the nearest service station. And the truth is that in many of them we can already find a huge range of varied and quality products.

This is the case of Carrefour Express in Service Stations Cepsa, a company that offers its customers the best products at very affordable prices. If need be as efficient possible with a limited budget, but allows us to take full advantage of all ingredients, certainly in this kind of shops we can get it.

And to show a button, Diego Guerrero, one of the most prestigious chefs in Madrid who is in charge of the restaurant DSTAgE, awarded two stars in the Michelin Guide, participates in the following video that demonstrates how to organization and teamwork, you can prepare a perfect dinner, with simple but quality ingredients, healthy and varied, acquired in a Carrefour Express from one of Cepsa's service stations.

Reinvent themselves to achieve excellence

In fact, when friends decide to join dinner, no problem with a bit of imagination, talent and work is achieved food stretch and reach to let everyone satisfied.

In the video itself, Chef Diego Guerrero admits that the secret of success of his restaurant, what get customers coming back again and again, is knowing reinventing, adapt to each new situation to continue offering the best.

In the same way as a French chef who becomes famous for uploading haute cuisine dishes to Instagram made with ingredients purchased in nearby stores or the products that Chef Diego Guerrero can find at Cepsa Service Stations, It must adapt and evolve, to improve achieve the perfect dining experience where good product and good service make up an essential part of this.

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