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Kitchens adapted to wheelchair users


We are aware of the barriers that can exist in cities for people traveling in wheelchairs but, What about the cooks who need a wheelchair? Here are some tips to adapt your needs kitchens

Always we talk of architectural barriers and obstacles that have people moving in wheelchair to get around the city, restaurants, Hotels, sidewalks… Now we will focus on a specific case because, many times, cooking can also be a great effort. Adaptation and comfort in the small details of everyday life is what really makes life easier for disabled. Some time ago we talked a restaurant menu written in Braille, but the complete adaptation You must reach all restaurants

domóticas kitchens

Here are some Mixed kitchens for disabled. The company Torcal He presented in 2013 at II Living Without Barriers a cutting-edge kitchens and domóticas, designed especially for people in wheelchairs, but they can be used by any. Before these kitchens had more rustic models that worked with manual mechanisms, something that has been replaced by automation.

What's so special? your countertop (with tap and hob including) that with a just click slides up the wall, so that fits the height of the cook. further, count with one remote control, which allows the hob on and off simply by pressing it like hood.

The cabinets also move to facilitate the user's task of reaching utensils. After, you can replace the cabinet to the initial height. further, with just one click in the drawer in the door, furniture open. This will prevent the user having to force or pull a handle, while moving.

The home appliances, Besides, They are designed to facilitate the stay in the kitchen. The refrigerator and freezer are independent appliances, as well the problems of height are removed. Microwave oven and also They operate with a remote control which it is a bracelet.

this design, as it can be assumed, Not cheap but, in this sense, We recommend search subsidies to make affordable housing. This company, Besides, performs all these steps and processes directly these grants.

modular kitchen

Here is the kitchen from Whirlpool, designed within the framework of Liberty project, and devised by Helder Filipov and equipment company, and which is specially designed for all those people who have to use a wheelchair.

This is a design with a innovative approach, presenting a modular kitchen with proper management of space. In addition to the area refrigeration, kitchen area, from washed, washing machine Y microwave, also it has a recycling system water, something totally new in a modern kitchen.

The kitchen setting is fully adaptable to individual needs, both the distribution of the different areas and in the height where each shelf must be.

Expert tips

The architect Laura Nunez offers in his blog some tips to adapt kitchens and improve the mobility of those who move in wheelchairs. As we have seen, many companies design kitchens tailored to users who need a wheelchair. innovative cuisine that will make life much better who can install one at home. The disadvantage of these kitchens is its price, So in this blog you can find tips and ideas on how to reform your kitchen to be adapted without spending more than usual.

Laura explains that “the key problem that people who are in wheelchairs when using the kitchen, He lies in what this person can reach his arms”. For the kitchen the problem usually comes when you need to cover the entire depth of the counter, to use all sink or stove second line. This is due to the usual height of the countertop (90 cm), what does not allow correct access to the bottom of this.

The problem is that the body person wheelchair bound just encountering the counter because of the height of this. The first thing to think, by Laura Núñez, It is that a standard kitchen furniture consists of furniture and tabs.

These usually measure about 15-18 cm, which means that the furniture usually measure about 70-75 cm. The right height for a handicapped person is a table, that is to say 75 cm. “If standard furniture legs do not put them or put them to a shorter, then we can use them as kitchen furniture adapted”, Nunez recommends.

Once the height of the countertop is adequate, switches and wall outlets could keep up they already had, Laura explains, so having no rewiring kitchen, we saving one starting major budget reform.

On the other hand, you have to correctly distribute kitchen furniture. It is important not place furniture under the hob or sink. further, It is better to use removable furniture drawers instead of hinged doors or furniture.

This architect also recommends interject a hole, two furniture / low appliances and other hollow. In this way the user can always access easily. Another good idea is to use a furniture on wheels.

adapted appliances

Another important detail is to use independent refrigerators, that is to say, fridge freezer on one side and the other. It is advisable to place the a large freezer 20 cm soil for easy access to the lower shelves of this. The oven, like other furniture, It is advisable to have removable tray.

Refering to taps, a tap with hose It would be more comfortable.

design the kitchen corner that space and place in a workplace is also a good choice, so the wheelchair user can easier access to both sides without scrolling.

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