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queues 10 day to eat the best ramen in the world


More of 10 days is the waiting time which it has come to produce a new ramen restaurant that recently opened in China. It has happened in the last opening Ichiran Ramen, a chain of restaurants specializing in tonkotsu ramen stands out not only for its offer delicious dishes and custom, but also to offer the possibility of eat fast, cheap and solo.

Perhaps such excitement is because Ichiran Ramen which has recently been rated as the "best ramen restaurant in the world" and so, The reactions Lovers undoubtedly has become the fashion plate, They have been disproportionate.

The new location is in the same specialty chain with qualified by the Forbes Restaurant 2016 as the best among all who are engaged in this so characteristic of Asian culture dish. So recently, for opening a new restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan, and he counted as the local environment ejinsight.com, They formed Queues up 240 hours and ten days, which of course far it exceeded the door of the room itself and even the street.

New local chain restaurant with the best ramen in the world

The new restaurant is located in the city of Fukuoka, and as local chain Ichiran Ramen is known both for the quality of raw material, tonkotsu pork meat, ideal for cooking this dish, as for the design and layout of all elements, filled with unique seats, where diners enjoy their meal in absolute solitude and are served through a reed mat located in each of the cockpits, whereby the interaction between the diners and the service is minimal.

This new openness has also produced the most populous city and capital of the Republic of China from 1949. For the restaurant chain is the third city outside Japan in which settles its brand, And it seems, the moment he's doing quite successfully. Its new location with space for up to 60 diners is located in the district of Xinyi, the heart of the nightlife and shopping Taipei.

#ImReallyAngry in endless lines

Nevertheless, This is a good example of how dangerous it can be a bad management business success. So much tail that had to do some customers eager to try the ramen, social networks began to fill with proclamations with the hashtag #ImReallyAngry, associated with the name and location of this new restaurant. The online opinions were divided between those who believed that the tail had been worth it to enjoy its delicious bowl, and those who were quite angry because despite rise early, they had to wait too.

Several local media reported the same day of the opening, the average waiting time was between the 6:00 am and 10:00 am was just 35 minutes, with 40 a 100 people in the queue. Nevertheless at peak times Restaurant, from 11:00 pm to 3:00 am, waiting queues and, They grew due to the large influx of customers.

further, This restaurant prices Ichiran Ramen son baratos, especially in Taiwan, where the bowl of ramen costs 288 yen, some 9.47$ To the change. Nevertheless, in other outlets outside Taipei and Hong Kong and New York, the basic ration costs 89$ de Hong Kong, that the change would mean a 11.41$, for the 18.90$ it costs in the Big Apple about.

When you compared to other nearby examples, nothing to do with the expectations or the kind of experience that can be found in restaurants like DiverXo chef David Muñoz, which is the second restaurant over the world waiting list, with 9 months, only surpassed by the Celler de Can Roca, of the famous Roca brothers, where a waiting list for a minimum of 11 months.

the ramen, fashion plate

We wanted to investigate a little further the case of this restaurant ramen, And it seems that we have a dish that is booming but, Will this be a passing fashion or in a few months we will remember? To clarify this situation on this type of gastronomy in Spain, We had the help of Alberto Gómez, Executive chef UDON. This is a chain of Noodle Bars inspired by Japanese Udon Ya founded in 2004 and today has become a benchmark of Asian food and of course the ramen in Spain.

“The ramen is quite fashionable, but, It is something that is here to stay. Today's society demands day in dishes like this, which represent a perfect item to consume as quantity, Food quality and price, It adapts to customer needs today. At the end is a dish that brings a lot to our guests, both from the visual, thanks to its attractive, as time consuming, because it has a flavor whose base is a pork broth, chicken or fish and some condiments that add much and offer a delicious result”, Gomez assured.

And is that, be attentive to trends It is essential to succeed in the decisions we make in our restaurant: “We've noticed that customers want this dish, And because of that, in recent changes we've made in the letter, Ramen has become increasingly greater prominence, and so we are clear that this is a trend in the making, that is here to stay.”

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