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Come, drinks and smokes in restaurants' friendly’ marijuana


Marijuana has been stigmatized and still, but increasingly, We found a majority of consumers who want and demand to be served. In consecuense, many local adapt their offer for regular or occasional consumers, marijuana. We present some initiatives.

We know that in many countries smoking is strictly prohibited in establishments, but cannabis has several ways to be consumed. Months ago and I overtook that marijuana prescriptions were becoming very popular in the United States Y, increasingly, In our country. These locals know and attract a part of the population has had to resort to private meetings to enjoy their taste for cannabis.

The Green House Kitchen

Green House Kitchen It is one of the best examples of the new culture of marijuana, that perfectly develops in countries like Holland and is something like “haute cuisine for lovers of cannabis”. In this restaurant, and overtook, non-smoking but vaporear, not only marijuana but also other herbs. And all this while enjoying a fine dining experience high level. The restaurant does not burn anything, and non-toxic particles are released. And if you do not want vaporear marijuana can choose lavender or mint.

You might think that meets the legislation to not allow smoking but not to sell it shatters? The role of marijuana in the philosophy of the restaurant is a bit ambiguous: vaporear combine marijuana with eating is something that encourages restaurant owners, but They not allowed to sell marijuana to customers. You can choose from chamomile and rosemary to vaporear but marijuana, the need to put you.

Green House Kitchen is located near a local Greenhouse, The chain of coffeeshops most famous country. The restaurant runs Celester Roskam, the daughter of Arjan Roskam, who is a celebrity in the world of marijuana, famous for his documentaries about finding cannabis seeds. Arjan wanted to participate in her daughter's dream to open a restaurant and Green House Kitchen is the end result.

For a while father and daughter They were toying with the idea of ​​smoking on the premises, If this does not fit with the culture or restaurant they had in mind. A Celester did not like the idea that smoke inside, He did not want to run a place where even people who chose to avoid smoking marijuana could accidentally get high. The vaporear solved the problem. “In this way we could also put spices on the table that really compliment the food when vaporeas”, explains Celester.

In a country with a cannabis culture as rich as Holland, supposed a new way to introduce marijuana in restaurants. Here testimony about the experience.

Clubs Smoking in Spain

In 2014 a report in elpais.com as qualified to Spain “new mecca of cannabis” referring to those marijuana clubs that have proliferated in Catalonia, Madrid and the Basque Country as a form of activism and after the anti-smoking law that specified that only could smoke indoors (outside the homes) made in private smoking clubs. These associations understand that the law meant to snuff and its derivatives, and that only hard drugs were excluded. Thus, if they could be associated to snuff smoking, They could also do so for smoking marijuana or hashish.

as I said Porretas in his ode to marijuana “And now in these times, the smoke worldwide, but not working, although it has no future…” Y in these clubs smokers find their place and people that share your hobby. Not only varieties of marijuana shipped, resins or extractions (derived from hashish produced gas). People here also takes some while chatting. The green Mile, for example, It is one of the 300 cannabis associations in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona in which, besides serving drinks dispensing marijuana or, There are jazz concerts, disc jockeys sessions, cooking workshops and painting exhibitions.

Each of these associations have grown into a loophole that has allowed its exponential increase in Spain. The 160 such premises found in this city Barcelona manage to compete, in tourist terms, with the 198 coffeeshops Amsterdam.

According to industry sources cited by the the country is, It is estimated that only in Catalonia these entities billed five million euros per month. Perhaps for that economic volume and its irreversible implementation, the governments of Catalonia and the Basque Country study its regulation but with little success.

Statewide, consumption Spain is the fourth European place after Denmark, France and the Czech Republic, according the annual report 2014 presented by the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (OEDT), more than one 27% of Spanish adults have used cannabis throughout his life.

¿Marihuana home?

Barcelona marijuana can be bought off the couch, what you need is internet connection, select the variety and hour and a half a carrier like home delivery. The legal vacuum in which smoking clubs has resulted settle, especially in the Catalan capital, as an interpretation depending on each club.

In June ElPaís.es 2014 It was counted as the club Stash (alijo, in English) distributed exclusively by home delivery drug and did not even have a local partner for the consume. Something that annoys many clubs that really do work with shared cultures among its members and where members are known.

In this case, both lawyers consulted as CatFAC (Federation of cannabis in Catalonia) agree that “this activity is illegal, since cannabis is not distributed in the private premises of the association and possession and distribution in public they are punishable by law” said spokesman CatFAC.

Jurists even say that could be a crime against public health, collected in the Penal Code. Xaus warns, However, This same problem also have associations when transporting marijuana from crops to their local. Even so, It ensures that the cannabis group has never requested that delivery be regulated in the code of good practice on the matter to be debated in Parliament probably after the summer, As explained experts.

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