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Eating cat meat: Yes or no?…the controversy is served


to get started, the question is somewhat controversial but that the issue does not ask for less. Now that society has come to understand the struggle for animal rights, or at least we're at it, It comes to us from the not too distant country or a practice that arouse your curiosity or will put the willies.

We talk about La Table Suisse, a new restaurant in Switzerland that cat meat is offered. Owner, a young Swiss named Moritz Brunner, I wanted to fulfill the dream of his life, it was simply to give the world the typical recipe from her grandmother: roast cat. And to play the matter, says that in his country there is a 3% of the population that eats cats but have to do it secretly.

Now comes the good news: Brunner is neither cook, nor is this restaurant. Everything is an assembly of a group that takes the name of that fictitious business and struggling to curb consumption of animal meat.

For video they have chosen as an example the cat, but they want to move their protest to others like cows, pigs or chickens. And after an intense reflection on the matter, we prefer to leave aside the debate between carnivorism and vegetarianism though not rule out postponing for later- and ask a question about what causes shock in the video before you know what's behind it: Do people eat cat meat?

The answer is yes and, surprisingly, No need to go far to get to a place where we find this type of meat in the diet of people. Specifically it has to travel to Italy, where between 6.000 Y 7.000 felines just cooked, known after the Italian Association for Defense of Animals and the Environment give the alarm figure after the disappearance of entire colonies. According to the agency says, the practice, illegal and punishable course with between 3 Y 18 months in jail, It has been exacerbated by the economic crisis from which at various restaurants and butcher shops have been giving "bait and switch", literally.

Other countries where other meat eating cat allowed

Outside the borders of the European Union there are countries that do allow the consumption of these animals, where they have the role of domestic pets. In Hawaii local cuisine has a good serve dishes cat from time immemorial, so much so that despite numerous attempts to ban it, Tradition has always managed to emerge victorious. The same applies to other islands, like in Tahiti and its nearby islets, where it was and is customary to eat dog or cat, although currently only it makes a small percentage of the population.

A dish made with cat meat at a restaurant in Hanoi.The new daily

Vietnam is one of the places where it is marketed cat meat -and considered domestic animals in other countries, even despite being illegal. While most Vietnamese citizenship consume dog meat unceremoniously, the authorities prohibit the consumption of cats, something that is no impediment to restaurants like this in Hanoi. Your owner, To Van Dung, It ensures that what attracts customers to order their dishes is the experience of trying a new product, they consider "suitable for earlier this month because it attracts luck".

The debate between permission and prohibition

As it expected from such a controversial practice, based menus cat or dog supporters and detractors have. The Yes supporters advocate the beneficial health properties This type of meat and little else, although as we have seen, in most countries where consumption is allowed they are not seen as pets.

Nevertheless, consumer opposites cat majority win. Animal abuse focuses most reviews, which they point out the cruelty of eating pets. Various associations and organizations for the rights of animals struggle to get to end this practice, more widespread than we think both eastern and western countries.

An example is the dismissal presenter Giuseppe Bigazzi Italian RAI television to promote the consumption of cat meat, after health authorities tachasen their statements “illegal and offensive to the sensibility of people”.

Definitely, two positions without average: or you're for or against. Or would you be willing to try the cat meat or running'd miss if somebody propose you, the same as if you sit in front of a plate of insects. And you, what side are you on?

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