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Eat the pizza but nobody touch it!: the invention that revolutionizes pizzerias in the days of COVID-19


They say difficult times sharpen wit, and it seems that they are right. We are currently experiencing one of the most important events on a planetary level since the Great Depression of the thirties. And following the maxim with which we started the article, The number of innovations that we are seeing in the world of restaurants and the speed with which these novelties are received is unprecedented.

This time the revolution reaches one of the most humble but necessary elements of the pizzerias. In the fornos Stone traditional and in the most chic pizzerias, still often the pizza is served on a table in the purest Neapolitan style. Now, cardboard boxes and tableware give way to a curious support specially designed to prevent people who share the pizza from coming into contact with the portions of their companions.

Baptized with the pompous name of No HandL Portion PadL, this kind of compartmentalized tray made of resin promises security. Thus, one of the disposable materials in which the coronavirus manages to survive longer is dispensed with.: the paperboard. On the other hand, the smooth surface makes it easy to wash the piece that makes up the circular pizza holder.

The company that created this innovative material for specialized pizza restaurants has spared no effort in designing and developing No HandL Portion PadL. Everything has been taken into account to get a product that is live up to the health standards currently required in restaurants and that even go a little further to alleviate the possible concerns that diners have.

If something had to stand out, is its characteristic diameter, stretching well past the size of the pizza you hold. This is so to facilitate food handling. In the outer ring of the platform there are a series of sunken notches that serve as a handle. Diners can use their fingers to move the table across the table without contacting the pizza at any time.

further, Portion PadL, subsidiary Nuova Vita Corporation who is in charge of development, production and sale of the invention, offers through its store online various models that adapt to the needs of different pizzerias and restaurants. The reference model is circular with eight sections to cut the pizza symmetrically, But restaurant professionals can also buy tables with six sections or even square cake trays., pies and other culinary creations meant to be cut into portions.

With this creation, patent pending, Nuova Vita Corporation shows that it knows the market. Greg Getzinger's company, dedicated to both pizza management and technology consulting for this type of business, This design of material for restaurants is removed from the sleeve. key to restoring consumer confidence now that the risk of getting sick from COVID-19 is on everyone's mind.

The operation of the No HandL Portion PadL system has no mystery, which does not detract from it, but shows that even the simplest idea may be unexplored now that we are facing a new reality. The mechanism behind the additional security that the table offers is not very different from the social distancing that doctors have instilled in us in recent months: when the number of utensils we share is reduced, the probability of virus transmission is reduced. No HandL Portion PadL minimizes the number and dimension of the surfaces touched by several diners during dinners and family meals, friends gatherings and other activities allowed today in restaurants.

further, the Hudson-based company (Ohio, OF. UU.) goes out of their way to give good service to restaurateurs who want to have one of the tables they develop. In their store they have the option to order a completely personalized support, which in addition to improving the hygiene measures implemented in the pizzeria, It allows adapt the material for restaurants to the specific needs of the premises in question, either for operational or branding.

The only impediment for the Nuova Vita Corporation model to extend is the sale price, which far exceeds other alternatives on the market, hanging around sometimes, and even surpassing in the case of few models, the 150$ per unit. This limits the number of restaurants that will want to make such an expense.. Nevertheless, every investment has its reward…

According to the creator of the No HandL Portion PadL, «The government provides manuals to prepare and serve food, as well as regulations, but in the end it is consumer confidence that determines sales».

In other countries where H1N1 epidemics were experienced, SARS and MERS this confidence took up to five years to recover to levels prior to the onset of the health crisis. Of course, This had its economic repercussions and consumption contracted during that period.. Only when the fears were completely overcome did the situation return to normal. that way, It is not uncommon for restaurant owners to want to do their best to break the prevailing mindset right now., And if that is achieved with a pizza base that limits contact between diners, welcome be.

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  1. Enhorabuena to Nuova Vita Corporation por su idea. As you say in the article in times of crisis wit is sharpened. It is important that companies adapt to the “new normal” to have as few losses as possible.

  2. Pizza is an invention that has stood the test of time and these inventions will only adapt it to the ever changing world. It’s important for restaurants to have safety measures in place and this is a step in that direction.

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