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Applying innovation processes of Google in a restaurant


Whenever competition within the hospitality sector is higher and the price differential or product for new customer we face in many cases lacking relevance. This causes two elements emerge that will involve the great competitive differential in the sector in the coming years, technology and innovation.

Not always easy to get innovative ideas for a restaurant, I would therefore like to share with you some techniques used by other companies streamline processes differentiators search approaches that may have an impact on the evolution of your business. In this case we will deepen the process “Brainstorming or Brainstorming” promoting Google among employees.

Everyone at some point have provided some idea within a team to improve or optimize a process, but in most cases we do a destructured form and a freestyle. What it is is to get a methodology that allows us to organize processes to squeeze the most creative abilities of our team Y get great ideas that differentiate our restaurant.

The process of creating ideas Google is based on three main pillars:

1.- Inform users or customers

It is impossible to emerge new ideas without extensive knowledge of our business customers. But not only meet your needs, we are talking about collect stories, emotions, anecdotes, we need know how they feel when they visit our restaurant, listen and empathize with them.

The key to brainstorming process revolves around a deep knowledge of our clients for the development of the following. We must observe and talk with them to meet the emotional elements that make you choose us over other options. We must not forget that through different systems and digital portals we can obtain valuable information about.

2.- think X10

Now that we know our customers is the time to start thinking about new ideas.

The X10 theory of thought It is well known in the business world and also the key to the process of innovation Google. It is trying improve something 10 times more than 10%, that is to say, we must prepare our mind so you can think big when it comes to innovation, not only in small details and pass the “no, but” al “yes, Y”. We not destroy Ideas, we build and develop.

From that moment, once you know the basic rules of the process, the next step is gather all the restaurant team and everyone to write their ideas individually.

In this phase the amount is more relevant than quality, since the best way to have a great idea is to have lots of ideas. Each team member will write a small title of his idea, less than six words, in a post-it or sticky note. If drawings or illustrations are much better, as they help understand and explain to others.

As he likes to manifest Frederik Pferdt, the leader of innovation and creativity of Google, “We do not keep any ideas, the more crazy is, best”.

At this stage we not judge the ideas of others, only members of the restaurant team provide, nail 50 O 60 in no more than five or ten minutes.

Then we will give the team time to develop and that explore, Y among all we will vote and choose the ones you like. This allows us to democratically choose that idea or ideas that will move to the next phase.

3.- prototyping

Once we have chosen the winning ideas it is very important to continue the process, never postpone it to another time and build simple prototypes of these. They do not have to be perfect, only a physical element of our vision that allows us to be looking to see, touch and imagine what it would be. When an idea you can take hands, is much more likely to eventually become something important.

The prototype must be able to create a quick and inexpensive way to try as soon as possible with our customers and meet If our original idea become an innovation able to differentiate our business from other.

All restaurants equipment can use this technique to generate different ideas that allow them compete in a changing environment where innovation will certainly play a vital role in the survival of many companies. As Jim said Tohn, “Success is doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way” and therefore the essential element is the innovation.

I end this article with a 3D video of a workshop of creative skills Google to see a example of how to apply this technique in your restaurant.

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