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How to increase the ratio of sales at a company event


As a lover of restaurant management, sometimes I find myself in the situation of some professional help at a time of your life is with many business questions. I spend time with pleasure in advising and putting on the table some possible solutions to problems.

The last thing I remember with special interest was the meeting I had to help a pupil Master in Restaurants & F&B Hotelero of Gastrouni. This professional management with a spectacular resort catering in celebrating events of various kinds, and it is run by several generations of the same family.

had a conversion problem, that is to say, there were many people visiting the facilities and genuinely interested, but eventually these visits did not close. Something happened at the point of sale and it had to analyze the problem. Of meeting with them, I extract some points that I consider essential when it comes to "flip" the sales process and increase the conversion ratio:

Tips to increase our conversion ratio

Know your competition

We must make a detailed study of our competitors, sending people from our team, with specific objectives, a discover what they do well other event spaces and what are their strengths. These visits have to do a comparative table and, Following this, a commercial DAFO of our business. If you do not know how or we find it too complicated, We can always hire a professional secrecy customer service, a "customer mistery". The main objective is know what our position in the market and act accordingly.

Study your gastronomic offer and sales processes

We need to market the right product for our target audience, both in assortment and price and additional services. Who sells? That sells? When? And at what price? In response to this series of questions we review the entire sales process to see where our weaknesses are. We'll have to be very critical of ourselves in this regard. The usual tendency is to throw balls out, but surely there are many things internally to Check and / or change.

Review protocols and procedures for your restaurant

We will thoroughly review what protocols to follow are to close a sale: catchment, call, visit, key questions, advice, materials, closing sales, contract and reservation. All the more closed account and have it, we will feel more comfortable, transmit more confident and more likely it is to get that sale. We must not let miss anything, the details that make the difference.

Salesforce and "specialists"

We seek support in achieving sales through what I like to call "specialists". The image is very important that moved, both the person who is selling the event, as the maître and head chef. Teamwork is key here and any professional working with us should have always present sale.

So that, if we can plan the visit and "catch unawares", for example, the chef preparing a dish, we are teaching our good work and, Besides, we are selling illusion, because the client begins to visualize how the actual event. This illusion has to be perceived since the client contacts us until we pay the bill once completed.

Check the commercial equipment and facilities

We review the marketing materials we provide to customers, both quality and detail. The sale is: ask, suggest and close. We'll have to know when to close a transaction at the time, hot: discounts, compensation VAT, gifts, music, open bar, etc. Not having to consult professional such things while we are selling, as the client wants to talk to the person who has power of decision.

So, must be determined, In private, red lines marked far and what we are willing to offer to inform the customer at the right time. And something obvious that we sometimes passed, facilities should be taught in perfect magazine.

We must know whether we are acting properly in our restaurant

I believe that, from experience, If we consider these points will be getting a bonus in our way of functioning and, especially, to improve sales or, at least, from improve the ratio visiting / sell, which it is what eventually will tell if we are doing things right.

I know first hand that it is not easy to change the ways of working in a family business, but If you are doing what we've done so far the results are not as expected, we must force us to change and to introduce new ways of acting. Salvation is individual.

About the Author

I'm a lucky guy that life has given him much more than I expected. I teach at the University Institute for Tourism Research. I am Director of the Master in Restaurants & F&B Hospitality University of Alicante.


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