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How to increase the involvement of employees of a restaurant


We live in times when the latest information, It seems to be the only decisive competitive advantage for love, we are eager to bring new products to enable us to give that extra to make sure our customers have an excellent experience. But I do not stop to see the latest restaurants, but neglect most important factor: the people who make your team.

During my college years, I left the skin working in hospitality and I know how hard it really for hours to be throw and why basically touches you Pridagar when everyone enjoys.

In all that time I've noticed as most of my colleagues were not involved with anything objectives Restaurant. I saw that did not put the 100%, Mainly because not part felt what they were doing. They simply would earn a salary and to pass their journey as quickly as possible.

It has always concerned me how many resources were being wasted by not giving the necessary attention on creating a company culture and understand that a restaurant employees are the core and one of the most critical parts of the service you offer. So you must put all your effort to motivate and involve them in the project. That part of it and feel like the good players, the skin will leave its shield.

They are needed committed to the goal of the company workers

This is something that concerns not only the hostelry, because according to the Gallup report on labor welfare he 87% of workers around the world, "They are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and are less likely to be productive". Most workers They do not feel like endorsing the goal of the company.

That's something terrifying and perhaps one of the reasons why a chef is not doing an excellent product or a waiter is not offering a service that makes a difference. And perhaps a compelling reason why 9 each 10 restaurants open have to close.

You'll probably occurred this: You go to a restaurant, the waiter comes and brings you wonderful dish you've asked, but you realize that you have covered, You look at the plate and you start to angustiar, raise your head to call but this is flirting with the other waitress in the other corner without lend attention. If you look the other way at the bar another waiter is sending a message with his mobile, This is really frustrating.

It is true that in the case of restaurants are businesses operating in hours when everyone enjoys and They require a lot of pressure. In addition because it really competitive this market and increasingly tight margins in general, are not too many items to motivate your workers, only economically. It is therefore essential to motivate other factors equally or more important than money.

Learn how to motivate your restaurant workers

So instead of giving magical Tips I would give you the experience of a person who really knows what is have a motivated team at his restaurant and it is getting incredible results. Is about Gabriel Stulman someone able to position their six restaurants in positions tops any list of Manhattan.

I want to share with you this talk of where Ted tells his three main strategies for employees who love our project. The only downside is that it is in English. But you have nothing to worry about, why Video after you summarize the three main points I have learned from this crack restoration.

1.- Celebrate individuality

Have you ever stopped to figure out the deepest passion of the people working with you? go figure align your business goals, with dreams of people on your team.

Gabriel tells the story of a team member who is passionate about photography as offer the opportunity to take some pictures from the local to the website. Instead of hiring an outsider Why not give the opportunity for one of their own? That brought him back to a passionate person, and passion, trust me, he will convey in everything you do.

The problem of most businesses and companies is that they do their employees leave at the door his passions, concerns and dreams, instead of the company, and this is grave error.

Imagine how it would change the story if as a leader much for taking time to ask and listen heart to each of our partners and employees about their ambitions. Be easier get your team to understand what are the ambitions and goals of the company are, and how will you work to get both.

2.- Promote collaboration in your team

COO of the company Gabriel was a really bright guy. As efficient as it would have been to assign the preparation of the cocktail of their local. But them instead of doing so, still another system that requires three times longer and it takes a lot more effort to manage.

Why? Why This system increases the involvement of employees. They create three groups with volunteers from all its restaurants, with all its baristas who want to participate in the process of drafting the next cocktail.

What they get is During the process employees are fully involved and they feel that they are still an important part. When someone cocktail is officially added to restaurant menus, this person feels really proud, and that passion and joy will then transmit its service.

These then are shared in publications such as The New York Times, The Food and Wine Y Enjoy your meal. Thus recognizing their peers and giving success to their employees rather than just the COO. This way they get the equipment is actually involved.

further, and employees are so proud of their creations, These ensure that others do the cocktail exactly as they created.

3.- Internal promotion

Imagine that in your restaurant manager decides to leave. You have the option of hiring another experienced another restaurant, or also, much more interesting, You can give the opportunity ascending to the person who was doing the work of a second manager. And one of the waiters who are doing their job well, promotion to assistant manager and hire a new waiter. This solution will have a brutal power in our business.

Not only you are sending a message that you trust yours. But will increase the retention of your employees and also, every new member into your team will understand that there is a place where there are real opportunities for progressr and they will see it materialized. That will create more committed and willing to give their best employees at all times.

For me the 87% employees worldwide are emotionally disconnected from their work, I think something really serious and a problem to solve. Now tell me, Do you want to have a team of workers who only want to go to sign or people which leave the skin because they believe in what they do?

If you can think of other ideas with which to increase the involvement of your team I would be thrilled to read them in comments.

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