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How to increase your restaurant reservations at Christmas thanks to Facebook


And with the advent December, it's Christmas!, are dates on which the various sectors make their particular "August", but most, definitely, is restoration.

Luckily we live in a country where most personal and professional events are held around a table with a good lunch or dinner. A few days where he 80% customers have something in common, They need a restaurant to meet yours. Business meals, family gatherings or group of friends that you choose to remember old times, will be just some of the groups that your room team will attend in the coming days.

In the following article I'll show the different ways in which Facebook can help hang the sign "full" in your restaurant Let's start!

1.- Update your Facebook page

The fanpage it's your showcase to the public. If the "physical" you care to the smallest detail Why not in the virtual? It never hurts change your cover photo using some creativity Christmas, wishing the best to your clients at this time or reporting that have special menus.

But the most important, your customer is looking restaurant and if you like yours, will need all available information to contact you. So do not forget to fill in all fields of the "Information" section of your fanpage:

  • Location (Facebook will display a map, so it will be easier than you locate your new customer)
  • Category your restaurant
  • Phone
  • Web
  • E-mail
  • Schedule

2.- Show your data in all publications

Make it easy for your customers. Thousands of people may be seeing your posts on Facebook daily Why not tell where to call or where to write? Phone, web or address are some of the data that you should include in each post to share (TIP: create a "template" in any text editor and use it on all your publications).

3.- BOOK button on your Fanpage

Facebook gives us the option of create a call to action visible to all users who visit our Fanpage. You have plenty of options (to call, contact, to buy…) Set it with the text "Book" and link to your website, because there is where the final conversion will take place or online booking.

The two advantages main of this tool are:

  • You can promote it con Facebook Ads, thus increasing the scope of publications.
  • You access statistics how many times the button is pressed a week

4.- It includes apps on your Facebook page

If you use external booking portals, as Fork TripAdvisor, do not forget to include your Facebook app to your fanpage. You can also show your fans the user reviews TripAdvisor. The website itself tells you how to do it, but if you do not have time, You can always hire someone to do it for you. If you do not use these portals and you just admit your own web reservations, do not worry, there are specific apps where you can use the booking form for your website.

5.- Pay special attention to the messages

In this digital age, the relationship with your client It begins before it cross the threshold of your restaurant. That is why these days, the inbox of your Facebook page, not to mention your email, They have superior activity to the rest of the year.

Many users will ask for your Christmas menu, availability and dates when you open or close it before you decide to book your restaurant. Pay special attention to this communication channel, always having your cuisine and menus ready to be sent from the devices you use to manage your social networks.

Your client does not have specific times to ask you for information, You can do to 9:00h or the 23:48h and expects to be answered quickly. Based on our experience managing accounts for major brands restoration, one of the most value added utilities that the user is that the response time is less than 30 minutes.

6.- Upload your menu Facebook

And we are not referring only to post it. When you choose the category of your page as a restaurant when creating your Facebook page, that is how you should have it, one of the tools we have available is "MENU". Here you can upload your Christmas menu, in pictures or PDF, so that users can consult it without having to search the latest publication where you talked about your Christmas cuisine.

The fanpage is your showcase to the public. If the "physical" you care to the smallest detail Why not in the virtual? El Rancho Madrid Facebook

You can access it at the Information / page / menu tab and once uploaded your menu, users will appear as a button under your location.

7.- By last, do not forget Facebook Ads

Not be the last recommendation, It is the worst. The opposite. As you've read in other articles of this newspaper, Facebook Ads is the king of advertising. Our agency uses this platform daily to get reservations among our customers. Definitely, a tool to consider if you want to hang the sign "NO free tables" at Christmas.

Today we will focus on 2 types of advertising formats to help you get customers for next days:

  • Website conversions: With this type of campaign You can measure the real impact your investment translated into number of reservations. Through pixel Facebook (Snippet of HTML code that is installed on your web) we can measure how many people they visit your website through ads on Facebook made the reservation. further, we can record all visitors to your website and create an audience for future campaigns. This we can do remarketing specific offers so that users who visited your website but did not reserve, back and do.
  • Lead form: The ad redirected to a contact form without leaving Facebook where you can ask the user interested in booking your restaurant all the data you need: from the essentials (Date, No time and diners) to specific questions about the reservation (food allergies, If you come with children, etc).

Facebook will provide an Excel with all data. Having all the information you need, it is you who contact the customer to offer a concrete proposal Based on that information, thus customizing your experience in your restaurant. A creative option if you want to give exclusivity to your client and not limit yourself to send a menu stipulated.

We would be delighted to know that you filled your restaurant thanks to these tips. Remember that You can apply throughout the year. We wish you luck in this month Merry Christmas 2.0!

About the Author

Director and CEO of Social Media Faceclub, online marketing agency specializing in management of social networks and Facebook Ads for restaurants. Like it or not, Your customers are talking about you on the Internet Why do not you talk with them?



  1. Tremendous amount of possibilities. Perhaps too many variables and types, but with a good previous work and once defined the way, certainly it will become more bearable and bear fruit. Thank you.

    • Jose Berenguer on

      Thank you very much for your comment Joan. Totally true what you say about the importance of previous work to choose the best options according to each restaurant. Our mission is to give more ideas better, and we are glad that you find interesting 😉 See here!

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