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How to increase sales of a restaurant thanks to Google My Business


There are many tools that we can use to improve digital restoration of our local presence and get orders boost online. But few of the alternatives have a better relationship between investment and results that Google My Business.

Google My Business is the letter of the companies in the search engine most used in the world. A kind of showcase where you surfer can find all the information you need, from opening hours at average prices of food, past reviews left by exclientes business as well as photographs that illustrate clearly what to expect when sitting at one of the tables in the lounge.

The proper functioning of this utility subsidiary Alphabet You can accredit Canadian pizzeria Pizza Prima, In a recent study published.

Pizza Prima is an establishment located west Shertbroke Street in Montreal. With a menu that mixes items from a stone oven Traditional with some of the most popular specialties in Canada, as may be salads, chicken wings or poutine; the owner of the house had already won the love of their fellow citizens.

Nevertheless, regardless of all the positive reviews that had gathered over the years (some indicating that local ate the best pizza in Montreal), Restaurant potential was being exploited below their potential due to several factors.

In May 2018 Prima Pizza direction contacted with digital marketing specialists 10|20 Ten Twenty Marketing. From the pizzeria every time they watched were divided fliers by the city of Montreal, increased inflow local markedly.

So that, The team of 10|20 I offered a package-oriented marketing Google My Business. After 12 months of cooperation, the results of this campaign and provide statistical value.

In the twelve months preceding the collaboration, Google's profile Prima Pizza My Business was visited by a total of 3168 times, Assuming that an average of 264 monthly visits. There was also a large number of calls to the pizzeria (160 per month) and as many consultations on the location of the physical Restaurant (138 per month).

In twelve months these numbers increased substantially. Particularly striking is the case of local calls which increased 50% average.

Traffic statistics to the Google My Business profile increased to the 3960 annual visits, having 235 local calls each month 207 clicks to know the direction in which the restaurant is located.

Restaurateurs interested in starting similar experiences also need to know what is the conversion rate of these interactions with users. Usually the 90% of potential customers who come into contact with the business by telephone or make an order book. It is also the 90% the ratio of Internet users seeking directions to find the place and end up eating at the tables of the pizzeria. On the other hand, the percentage of visitors from Google My Business profile that becomes is just the 20%.

With these data it is evident that the investment made by the restaurant (68.82 monthly euros) It is recovered in the first days of the month. All things later invoice corresponds to an increase in turnover which directly affects benefits. For Pizza Press, whose pizzas are sold at 20 Canadian dollars, a course near 4 800 euros in annual profits (about 25 000 € in additional revenue).

The strategy to achieve this growth is simple. Collect information from Google My Business and share in the most important local repositories: Apple Maps, Bing, Facebook, FourSquare, Uber, Waze and a large number of websites aimed at the Canadian market.

Henceforth, Prima Pizza growth will be more difficult. But not impossible. Those skilled in marketing establish 6 main guidelines for improving the performance of a restaurant on Google My Business:

1.- Invite customers to leave comments
2.- Google energize publications
3.- Use the questions and answers as a FAQ section
4.- Add the menu and the profile
5.- Add pictures of quality to the page
6.- Ads on Google campaigns to attract local customers

Any restaurant can benefit from the advantages that the digital transformation of restoration brings. Maximum use of the opportunities offered us Google My Business It is one way. A form whose performance and benefits provided are already widely discussed and tested, perhaps one of the best “digital gates” that they exist today for restaurants.

About the Author

Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



  1. Google my bussines is a two-edged sword, Just one negative comment and I spoil all your effort, although it is a slander. The best is a na Facebook page without comment or pay page, where if you can manage the 100% the content and reviews.

      • But how do you protect yourself from attacks on your token?, negative opinions of people who have not been to your place? Of people who upload photos to your profile that have nothing to do with the restaurant or that are other sites, even other restaurants? No protection. As the owner of the file, the claims are not attended, the photos are thrown years, Reviews are scored by the one who wants to hurt you so that they come out in first position when filtered. At the end, the owner abandons the card, because he understands that it is harmful to his business and conveys the idea that he has it for having it but that if he wants, really, know your business, use other channels. That is why the app does not take off and it costs so much to sell it as a service, beyond taking you to the site or calling.

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