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How to increase sales of a restaurant using Augmented Reality


When we went out to eat, It is very normal to have doubts about what we are going to ask the site chosen. A new technology company New York hopes to help the undecided, and wants to use the Augmented reality to give life to restaurant menus and that they also increase their income.

wine Levantine, It is a WineBar of the Big Apple. In this place, All desserts are delicious, but it is not always easy know what you must choose, because the names do not clarify much about their appearance, and taste.

The owner of the restaurant, Haim Amit, It explained a few days ago in the online medium VOA News: "We on the menu with a number of desserts that people are not used". Examples mentioned the kadaif, stating that "not everyone knows what the kadaif".

The solution? Instead of having to explain to each customer, what each dessert, Amit can show it perfectly. By applying Augmented Reality Kabaq, desserts menu may appear on the table, right in front of customers simply with the help of an iPad.

These three-dimensional models have an incredibly realistic look, not to mention they are delicious.

How does this app Augmented Reality for restaurants?

Definitely, the founder of Kabaq, Alper Guler it is clear: "Humans are essentially visual creatures". In this way, the implementation of this new technology applied to restaurants It is helping diners to make a decision about what they want to eat, and step, giving a radical and digital rotation the classical view we have of traditional menus.

Guler and his team visit each restaurant Kabaq joins this technology to capture dimensional images of all your dishes. Using a portable desktop photobooth, dishes placed on a turntable.

An investment that promotes fun and ensures increased revenue

"This innovation is proving, definitely, be good for business, "said Amit, who could see how Wine sales increased Levantine around a 22% since he began using Kabaq in June this year.

Meanwhile, Guler supported this theory by saying that: "We are helping restaurant owners to increase their means tickets. This application is like the dessert cart lifelong. If you see it, there's a lot more likely that you ask"He sentenced.

"What we want is to take a snapshot of food from all angles, so at each stop along a twist, Images are taken by cameras placed at different heights. These images are then processed in offices Kabaq, creating three-dimensional models.

Mike Cadoux, head of sales and partners supported this view Kabaq Business: "Today there are already several applications that can display the food and show the customer what you will get. The crux of the matter is that if you can buy a plate of pasta 17$, but you see, thanks to Augmented Reality, the entrecote 28$ so tasty and freshly cooked, I clearly for meat. And that is a great value for most restaurants” Cadoux said.

In addition it is also the opportunity to enjoy a unique culinary and dining experience, different, able to enthuse customers. "It's something they do not expect. Really surprised that we have something digital, for diners is almost like a toy or an attraction ", he pointed.

Special technology for the foodies

The truth is that 3D scanning technology, in which the objects are captured everywhere, and that enables Augmented Reality, is proving ideal for food and why it has become a perfect weapon for restaurants.

The artist Romain Rouffet used 3D scanning to create a recipe in Augmented Reality for a coffee cake, users could bring, zoom out and see it from all angles. The resulting video is a clear sign of potential innovations to come.

Augmented Reality and 3D food will fundamental part of the experiences that will offer restaurants in the next years. Its purpose is to offer layers additional digital information to which we offer our senses.

Enrich reality with data, images, videos and audios opens a veritable universe of possibilities for the marketing strategy of the restaurants and their relationship with customers.

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