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As Burger King has doubled its fans on Facebook in two months


As my readers already know, in this blog I keep track of developments in social networks of major restaurant chains in Spain, published an infographic with a quarterly ranking, If you want to see historical data you can click “The 10 Top”.

Thanks to that I could detect a relevant point that I would like to share with you, and is increasing the social community in their Facebook account in Spain is experiencing in just over two months the restaurant chain Burger King.

The following chart shows the increase very visually compared with two of its main competitors, McDonald’s y Starbucks:

We can see how the account opening is later, with a difference of more than one year, and as growth from May 2012 until mid-April 2013 It was quite moderate.

But, What it has happened since April?, increasing fans of these last three months is 131'14%, twenty times that of its competence. The main reason has been a major revitalization campaign that began the day 19 April and the company became a challenge to accelerate very significantly the number of fans your Facebook.

Was overcome in a few days the number of 250.000 fans, with the commitment by the company to invite your customers to chips in their restaurants Spain.

This was the image of the campaign:


The result was that in just two days managed to increase their account in more than 130.000, far exceeding the figure of 250.000 fans demanded the challenge, and as leaders commented Burger King in his day “beating all expectations”.

What it has happened since April?

It is clear that Burger King wants to strengthen its position in this social network to be close to its customers, and it is following a strategy that is quite common in social networks after getting rapid increases in social community, It is to focus all efforts on generating content that cause a lot of interaction and engagement with new social mass, It is doing well this content focusing on the resource that generates better results on Facebook and on many social networks, the pictures.

This can be seen very well in the following data for the last month, where we can verify how much activity on your Facebook account their interaction with fans is higher than that of its direct competitors in this period.


In closing I would like to reflect on how to enhance the growth of a social community in the medium and long term, because it is important to distinguish two types of content / actions that help you to generate sustainable growth over time.

On the one hand there is what I call the structural content, which it is the everyday, updates, the answers, the comments, etc., which it allows us to generate a fan base on which we build our social ecosystem, This content usually has an active informational value that generates closeness and presence.

On the other hand is the dynamic content, usually it proposes actions to achieve reactions in short periods of time and thus not lose the initial force, which aims to accelerate the sum of followers in exchange for a high intake of added value for the user.

Both structural content as facilitators are needed to enhance the growth of a social community and good example is the case of the restaurant chain Burger King that I mentioned in this article.

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