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How “Cook” perfect marketing strategy for a restaurant


You've been offering your customers your best recipes, innovating processes, ingredients and emplatados. In your head they keep new ideas flowing, which you want to realize as soon as possible. You know that this must follow a thorough process, seeking the necessary ingredients, knowing the exact doneness, developing escandallos, etc. Definitely, a new prescription is not thing 5 minutes.

I know why I tell you this? Because today I'll show one of the most important recipes for your restaurant. That it will highlight you about your competition. And not, You not have to go to the market for seasonal ingredients. Is about cook your own marketing strategy

The first, preparing the kitchen

Before you get to work, you must prepare your kitchen: sharp knives, clean table, ordered ingredients… The same happens when cooking your marketing strategy. First, You must order your ideas:

1.- Preliminary analysis of the situation

We must assess the point where our restaurant is. What have we done until now, how it has worked for us, What we have not done yet, what our strengths are against competitors and what are those who follow “flaqueando”. It's very important find the true differential values ​​that your customers come to your restaurant.

In addition to this internal evaluation, we must know what position has our brand in the market (accounts with plenty of tools to do so, but you also have the possibility of hiring a specialized agency to be responsible for performing this work for you).

2.- What goals you want to achieve?

Depending on your business vision, the goals may be very different. But you always have to be clear about what we want to achieve and in what time. In this point, es good to be realistic and set measurable goals: you do not set aimed at increasing your community of followers to the 10.000 in 6 months if you plan to invest more than 50 € / month.

3.- How will you go to achieve those objectives?

Define the actions you will implement to achieve the goals you've marked you.

Who are you going to offer your “plato”?

There is nothing better than know your customer to know that suggest. If you have already visited you three times and always ask for fish Why not offer grilled octopus you have this week off letter? A key part of your marketing strategy is based on know your customer.

Where is, how it behaves, What kind of food do you like, If you follow other restaurants, How he found mine?, Will my clients are hunters deals?, Do you really value a product gourmet without noticing much in price?

All this information you It will be of great help in setting strategies. will not sell fish who likes meat. Offer your best steak Because you sure he will buy!

4.- Cooking times

Past rice, It is not good. A steak well done, It is not good. An online marketing campaign too long, It is not effective. The “Cooking times” advertising are very important. Because, nothing better than develop a timetable where you take notice each and every one of the actions to implement your strategy, and the period in which you want to achieve the objectives previously marked.

5.- Turn on the stove

Do you have everything ready? For cooking. Now comes the time to mix all the ingredients of the recipe and let simmer… Slow? That will depend on the terms that you have marked. And remember: recipe all you need to correct the salt. If one of the “copys” your campaign does not work as you thought, change it. Do not stop trying until you find the “flavor” what are you looking for, that he loves your client.

What have you found the recipe to your customers?

If after all the work, invested time and money in creating your recipe you do not know if you liked your client or not, you're lost. Now it's time to measure. All information you can get It will be helpful. From the basics, such as knowing if you achieved the goals you wanted, until at least “measurable”, as the emotions and reactions of your customers an ad.

Which of them has obtained more interaction, the photo of entrecote or the kids room appear with a salad? Everything serves to improve strategy and get to be the star dish of the letter.

Now that you know the recipe, What are you waiting to put on your apron and hat?

PD: we have not named the recipe Can you think of any?

About the Author

Director and CEO of Social Media Faceclub, online marketing agency specializing in management of social networks and Facebook Ads for restaurants. Like it or not, Your customers are talking about you on the Internet Why do not you talk with them?



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