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How to get customers for a restaurant with a website


When we set a a restaurant project web it is very important to pre-planning of short-, medium and long term we want to achieve.

Today it is no longer enough to have a nice design and great photos, we must go much further, your website must convey the core values ​​of your restaurant and must be a source of income, loyalty and customer acquisition.

web strategy Restaurants

To achieve this it is essential to apply in this order the following formula :

E + G + V = C

Find + Like + Customers value =

Let each of the elements :

E = Find :

It is very important that your website easy to index by search engines, since you're going to get when users search for terms related to your content you can appear in the top positions of search engines.

You have to combine an attractive and dynamic content, positioning strategies SEO Y SEM. Soon we better our strategy to have a wonderful web page if nobody can find it.

I want to warn you get a good natural position is a laborious job and that pays off over time, It is not immediate.

G = Liking :

Once the user has found your web, It is as if he had entered the restaurant, we have to offer our best face, Impeccable and excellent restaurant!, Do not forget that there is no second chance to make a good first impression and less on internet, only one click you can go from your web.

Like is achieved with a careful design, with a well-planned content architecture, with studied usability so that the customer is not lost and find those contained in which you are interested, definitely, the web has to convey the same feeling as if you entered the restaurant to enjoy your gastronomic.

V = Valor :

This is a very important factor, often forget. To promote an action occurs by the user, the customer has to find added value or benefit for this process through the web. We must reinforce the decision to purchase the product to favor the timing.

When I speak of value added, I mean not only the economic, that also, the typical special discount, There are many ways that the customer perceives that value or difference from other channels, such as convenience or availability to do when he wants, get a table with a special decoration, have a cocktail or welcome drink…etc.


In conclusion, if we add all these elements in this order, adding a good job content and constancy of time, sure that every time you're going to get more customers for your restaurant through your website.

There is a fact that I have proven in the various jobs I've done in web strategy restaurants, and the customer who makes a reservation through internet and find satisfaction in the whole process, It is likely to repeat again, achieving a high degree of loyalty.

In addition certainly you are going to share this information with peers, family, friends or social networks, making it the perfect transmitter values ​​your restaurant.

A good one web strategy It is a perfect complement to your Social Media Restauranting, Remember that your website does not sleep, works the 365 days a year 24 hours a day…You have not going to take advantage?

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