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How to get a job in a restaurant using creativity


Currently find employment in many countries is a very difficult task, especially in Spain, where every day we wake up with further increases in the unemployment figures and the trend seems endless.

For this reason, todo aquel que quiera encontrar un trabajo en la industria de los restaurantes o en cualquier otra, It will have to sharpen your wits and be creative enough to differentiate themselves from others.

Internet browsing I found this video that made me think and reinforces the idea of ​​differentiation and creativity as a means to achieve your goal.

It is made by the company ZityMap and apparently it was requested by a client looking for a job as a waitress. It has eliminated any real data of the person to maintain your privacy, although the genuineness of the video remains intact :

Es fascinante observar como con esta vídeo-infografía consigue mantener la atención y resume en poco más de un minuto toda la trayectoria de una forma auténtica, creative and different…I like it!

It also has a major advantage over other traditional formats, And it has a very interesting viral component, que puede potenciar su difusión a traves del SMR(Social Media Restauranting) in different social networks.

I wish good luck to the client, because it really is a very authentic presentation letter and hope it will inspire others who are seeking employment.

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