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How to get more customers for your restaurant with social networks


Currently all we are hyper-connected Internet, mainly through Social Networks. Whether for work, or in our spare time, Social networks have become a vital space in which we spend much of the working day, we entertain them, We distracted, We socialize and learn new things every day.

This change society has experienced a general level, It has not gone unnoticed restaurants and so today we find it strange that some do not have a profile RRSS. Equally, There are many dedicated to the hospitality business while have a Facebook, Twitter o Instagram, They have not made any estrategia de marketing online, O They think that only by having open a profile or account RRSS will get more customers. Nothing is further from reality.

Restaurants can take great advantage of the RRSS, but they must know more about their operation and incorporate a comprehensive online marketing strategy. We have to forget the idea of ​​selling through social networks, as well as finding new magic users who become future customers of our restaurant. We must plan with a good marketing strategy to develop RRSS.

Questions should I do about my online marketing strategy for RRSS

  • Is Interactive?
  • Is funny?
  • Is a content that people want to share?
  • Grants customer role or user?
  • Is emotional?
  • ¿adds value our product? (albeit indirectly)

As stated Carlos Bravo at a conference on how to find new customers with RRSS, held last February in Fundesem Business School: "Facebook is not in itself a suitable channel for sale". Bravo made a similarity, with the process set you up or "girlfriend get you out" alluding that on the first date, you will not sell, that is to say, you are not going to compromise for a dating relationship.

That first encounter with a new user, it is time to carry out RRSS actions in allowing us to increase our community and have more engagement with them. In this part of the process is linked, but do not get to marry (to sell) with nobody, It is not the goal. The sale, the conversion, book our restaurant or business come on our website, later.

How do "we link" in RRSS with those users who want to convert into customers?

  • creating conversations with them, make them followers with content that give them value.
  • Showing menu items, videos of processing and uploading photos with the most striking presentations.
  • Increases the value of your channel RRSS surveys, contests and discounts.
  • Make engage the rest of the restaurant equipment, daily activity in RRSS.
  • dialogue with current and potential customers. The aim is to offer a more personalized service tailored to them.
  • Cater complaints and negative comments responsibly, sincerity and naturalness.

All that contact, that relationship that begins on social networks and allows us to increase our community and have more followers is completed Email Marketing actions are more aimed for sale.

So with the RRSS we achieve increase our community of followers that we must retain for later, attempting the conversion to occur, that is to say, who wants to come to lunch or dinner at our restaurant. In RRSS we contacted our potential customers in a time when no plan to acquire anything, or take any final decision.

Jorge gonzalez, another renowned marketer who participated in the aforementioned talk, He unveiled one of the keys on how to perform a restaurant in RRSS, where we have to forget about selling: "The user is in a phase Search, exploration, fun, etc ... and it is at this stage that We try to draw it to our brand with content interesting and relevant to them, but we will not sell you anything ".

In this point, The serious question: How do we engage our users, fidelizarlos from content that may be useful? According Javier Gossende, we must "try to find that hidden need a lot of our users, a way of thinking that will give us the keys to our publications generate more interaction and successful ".

Email marketing to monetize fans made in RRSS

Finally, and our restaurant can get economic returns from work carried out in RRSS, we will use one of the most important tools in online marketing strategy, how is he email marketing.

We must be clear, our goal is to reach a large number of users, but they are really interested and are our target, we must do a great job of targeting all users and data generated with its activity in RRSS. This will make it easier to offer everyone a higher quality content.

This segmentation is possible thanks to voluntary registration that make the followers who want to receive weekly or monthly newsletter with the latest news and content generated your restaurant. Email Marketing tool can serve to keep your customers informed about your offers, your new menus and your special events.

Remember not to spam, and not send emails to users who have not expressly authorized, because this way you would succeed the opposite effect: You lose followers and prospects for the future. I remind you that Food industry and restaurants is considered as one of the industries with the highest percentage opening emails, with a 25,7%.

In any case, we can not ignore all the advantages that can grant us an online marketing strategy with its share of well-planned development in RRSS. Each with its particularity, target audience and different possibilities to stay connected with our users.

A good job in each social network will depend our ability to convert users and followers, Restaurant customers in future. And Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and each platform requires a different way of working, we will disengaging the secrets of each in future articles.

So that, do not miss our series on “How to get more customers for your restaurant with RRSS”, Here you will find a useful guide to take full advantage of your social networking strategy.

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Degree in journalism and editor. I am writing from before the age of reason. I love to research about food, restaurants and new technologies. I forget to put down your feet and I feel better watching a movie or reading a book. I also like to talk about movies.



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  1. Very interesting article. Social networks are very important in marketing activities of the restaurants but also equally important is to get a database of customers through email marketing to communicate promotions and create customer loyalty.

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      Hello Peter!
      Thank you very much for your comment. effectively, You could not be more right: the database is critical to analyze your audience and be able to segment messages correctly you spear through RRSS and that will shape your brand image. No doubt we expand the theme of the database and its importance for an online marketing campaign achieve its full potential. Nice to have readers like you, we read!!

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