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How to get sponsors for your restaurant


Leave aside the classic tables provided by brands of beer or Coca-Cola umbrellas. Goes one step further and try to associate with a brand according to your business that you provide uniforms, for example. We are talking about achieving sponsors for your restaurant.

Why settle for the classic waiter uniforms bicolor? The zapatillas Air Jordan They can complement Perfect for bartenders and an attractive novelty for customers. This is precisely what has made the New York restaurant Dirty French. They have brought a breath of fresh air to the classic elegance of the waiters, and all staff serving tables takes sports Air Jordan.

Dirty French, located within the Hotel Ludlow, is a bistró themed years 80 It is belonging to the group Major Food Group, New York-based restaurant chain founded by Mario Carbone, Rich Torrisi s Jeff Zalaznick. This trio has earned its reputation with unconventional restaurants and the most outlandish costumes, but in the garb of Dirty French they have given a masterstroke.

“It was always my dream to open a restaurant where all staff carry these sports”, dice Zalaznick. “It has finally come true Dirty French because the restaurant has a theme of the eighties and was in that decade when Jordan started making shoes and sports, and they became a very important part of culture”, adds one of the founders.

The dress has a sense for the founders but, How easy work today? Zalaznick said that the shoes are kept in the kitchen after each shift and are cleaned regularly. For employees Air Jordan shoes are more comfortable and convenient than traditional shoes. The clothing also makes sense for Michael Jordan. The former player best known of the history of NBA basketball has eaten at the restaurant. “I love food but the charm also lies in shoes”, said baloncestista.

In this case, Air Jordan does not endorse this restaurant, The waiters wear sports because the owners wanted to do, but this can give us an idea. Like football players wear marks stamped on their shirts, and increasingly in the back of his pants, the staff of a restaurant or cafe could also do. Do we delve a little more?

Coca-Cola umbrellas:

Shop merchandising Mahou:

O poles Estrella Galicia:

This serves as an example to start, but not exactly what we mean. In these cases the brand gives it directly to the business for personal gain. That is to say, for customers to pass around associate their brand with an experience and, especially, have it present. What we are talking It is to brands, which in principle unrelated to hotels, decide to patronize your business.

Sponsorship could involves including symbol or logo polo waiter, on the apron or on napkins and tablecloths. Another option is that if the brand sponsoring a clothing firm, it is clear that that pretty and practical clothes worn by the waiters is that brand, as in the case of the Air Jordan.

Here are a few examples that gastronomy is trendy and fashion that is in gastronomy. More and more restaurants are associated with fashion brands to give a unique touch to battle uniform staff. We talk about the cuisine that takes aesthetics as relevant as the food itself.

the Cabrera He has chosen the brand The Goose as clothing, chic clothes with a touch of British style. This initiative is modern and stylish, although it may lead others to the word pretentious. However, without doubt, This is consistent with personality and differentiating staff. In this link the founder explains why he opted for this brand. Goose It may not pay the restaurant for wearing his uniform, but may itself any gift or recess uniforms, and that already saves.

Lamucca Prado It is a bustling local, with bar area for cocktails and drinks, with food like burgers or nachos, large tables and affordable prices. Its corporate brand attire is Pepe Jeans. British but also an aesthetic or uncouthest grunge. In this case more in line with young and international bartenders. Do you love the Argentine waiter? Perhaps you can not stop looking at the Swedish waitress glass skin? That can happen in Lamucca Prado.

Columbus is within the Casino Gran Madrid Colón, combination game and gastronomy. A afterwork, a dinner, an original site for an appointment… Here the style and features the waiters dress, in this case, from Tenkey, Madrid brand “reinterprets and appropriates man's vision of our time, with a touch of another era”. girls, meanwhile, dress Whiz, mark “pays tribute to the spirit of today's woman with an explosion of colors and rich fabrics and details on all your clothes”.

Not only it is that a clothing brand 'regale’ uniforms waiters, this union goes beyond, as it marks and restaurant will be associated forever. This is achieved by filling the locker room with other events. Carmen Hummer, personal shopper, in his blog how after last edition MFSHOW BUT, the team signed Tenkey invited a group of bloggers credited to enjoy a tasting menu at “magnificent”, so qualified by Hummer, restaurante Columbus. Tenkey saw the staff of Columbus, Besides, brings them customers. customers, on the other hand, Restaurant will speak on their blogs and attract other customers, as did Carmen Hummer, since we are talking about people with certain power of influence.

In this case, we talked about a possible sponsorship by firms clothing. Either well or restoration marks, that will surely be more prone to it, must take into account the identification. Customers associate the values ​​of the company that sponsors your restaurant with your business, like his philosophy, their successes or errors. Thus, you have to study well who requested sponsorship. Must try the brand fits with the philosophy of the company. If our restaurant is oriented youth, with original dishes affordable price, in a relaxed setting but quality, It is not a good option to choose a luxury brand to design and sponsor uniforms.

First steps to get a sponsor for a restaurant

Sponsorship can start from something simple, as we have already mentioned, providing a freezer or refrigerator in a shop that is visible, servilleteros, tables, awnings…to take over the business image. Sponsorship can be treated appliances, the furniture, advertising and to processes cash.

The first contact for this type of relationship You can look with suppliers or visitors. Depending on the size and importance of the agreement, will be they who are responsible for overseeing the sponsorship relationship or, on the other hand, It could be in charge of brand marketing for that area.

If what we want is something great, a sponsorship relationship that goes beyond a few toothpick holders and napkin rings, it is best to leave the matter to some marketing expert and govern the relationship a contract between the brand and your business. It is therefore important to be clear about our intentions and, based on these, choose the brands we could work. When you have decided and accepted brand, elaborate the contract.

In return you can get a sponsor for the restaurant

On the other hand, not everything will be advantages for your business. Surely, brand to sponsor you require something: your logo look, that a dish chosen by the company bears the name of this, it has references to the mark to certain sites, the colors of the brand and the restaurant match… These companies help your business, usually, in exchange for the exclusive use of its products. That is to say, If the refrigerator is a certain brand soft drinks are likely to be asked to sell only its products. further, Sponsors may request a minimum sales volume, to be established according to the size and rotation of the establishment.

An example is found in a promotion launched Chivas Regal in order to promote their products. Acondicionaba bottles for bars or restaurants. Whiskey company covered all expenses and paid a designer to, according to the decor of the place, would make a display to show their drinks. The idea was to approach the mark centers where people concur between 25 Y 35 years, to end the idea that this drink is for 'older people'. In addition to the exhibitor, the company added innovative recipes for cocktails that whiskey, cocktails ranging from apple juice, fruit slices, hile frappe o Gingerale.

There may come a day when Nike design a shoe based on your brand… Must try.

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