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How to make influencers fall in love with your restaurant


As the world is set up today, the image that companies and people project through social networks and digital environments are vital to their evolution. That is why restaurants have to include these principles in their DNA and make them your customers through your comments, reviews and recommendations which become genuine sellers of their business through their positive experiences.

This, it could be great news for restaurant managers, You can become double-edged weapon if we do not properly manage that reputation online.

One of the options we have, to improve what is said in our restaurant online, or to any relevant profile in the networks give us a hand with the promotion and we need to know, is that of influencers: who are they, where to find and how to mobilize? The answer to these questions will achieve one of the most powerful weapons for promoting a brand.

Desenmascarando of perfil del influencer

By definition, a influence is a person who publishes online content on a regular basis, but very important, as it is able to influence on impressions, decisions and behavior of a large number of his followers. Finding an influencer to come to know our restaurant and that after a good account of it in social networks is an incredible help and action tremendously effective digital marketing nowadays.

To do brand promotion with their publications on social networks, the influencer are paid or encouraged in what becomes a short-term relationship and transactional. further, these users with many followers and influence can not, a constant, delivered to a particular brand, because they would lose credibility and followers, plus the opportunity to work for other various brands.

To find them you can use platforms that coalesce as SocialPubli, where you can find an influencer based on its ability to generate engagement for with users who follow him. You also have a lot of actions that will help you get customers Thanks to these influential profiles. Here we have the main:

8 keys to reach influencers Suitable for your restaurant

1.- Invites the influencers to know your business

Find those profiles influential social networking followers for a niche that matches your audience / customer. To do this you can help the specialized platforms, which will be listed to the right and give you all the statistics you need to know if you really have what it publishes impact.

From there, It is a good experience happens in your local, and good account of it in networks.

2.- Offer him an invitation by the house

the influence, when it comes to your restaurant a consensual, In a way it will play an activity, what comes with the house invite, and give you the opportunity to share their experience. It is a matter of “win to win” and both parties contribute value.

3.- Use your restaurant as something more than "a place for lunch / dinner"

Organize your restaurant Social Events as formations for restaurateurs, talks about food or cooking schools. You can give relevant inviting leaders in your industry, influencers social networks or other high-profile and influential. Of course, In all these events we will encourage post live updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to all attendees, citing the account of our restaurant.

4.- Encourage customers and influencers through mentions and likes on social networks

One of the best ways to encourage users to share content on your restaurant It is organizing a contest in social networks. It offers a tantalizing experience, MAKE sharing and mention is a necessary condition for participation.

5.- Earn the influencers in your niche

This is achieved according to influential users on their most popular channels and earn their attention and appreciation by sharing and commenting on its contents…Converses with them!

6.- Participates in Twitter chats related

These centers related conversations restaurants will help you attract the attention of influencers for hospitality and know the issues that are trend in our sector. These trends and conversations find them through proper tracking of #hashtag.

7.- And how do I find the right #hashtag?

Restaurant typing terms, restaurants, restaurant, food, foodie, foodporn, etc. You can find all #hashtag you need to get started.

8.- It offers generous incentives to influencers

You must not forget that this is a reciprocal relationship, a Something for something in which the influencer must be rewarded money or other rewards to motivate you to finish to give relevance to your business through their networks.

Add the work of influencers to digital marketing strategy for your restaurant

The key to restaurants achieve success with their campaigns influencers are properly manage them to ensure they meet their promises. Owners and managers must measure the results of their actions through Google Analytics and other tools of social network analysis to evaluate the success of their efforts.

In a time when he marketing digital It is increasingly important for the image of the restaurants, obtaining content such as reviews, comments, images, stories and other publications on a brand, It is one of the most profitable and effective way to manage and improve the customer experience at a restaurant.

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