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How to become a successful foodie on Instagram


The cuisine is fashionable, this is something unquestionable. Photographs of dishes and still lifes flooding Instagram, or those chef's that look like the reincarnation of the new rock stars S XXI are the best proof of this.

Photography enthusiasts and have gotten good eating photographing dishes restaurants those who will not be seen as something strange and the hashtag #foodporn is the most common. But being a successful foodie on social networks like Instagram is not easy. To get the perfect shot you need to follow certain guidelines or recommendations.

Who is the protagonist?

  • The food has to be the protagonist photography

The decor is always a great help to get the best pictures, such a nice tablecloth or bottom of a local hospitality can be a valuable detail, but we must be clear that food is the center of the image. The dish should be noted that photographing between all the elements that appear in it.

This has to be the goal of any self-respecting foodie, highlight the value and image of food that portrays.

  • Naturalness as a flag

Naturalness is a rising star. Pictured this should be included in different directions, but one that it is essential. The light should always be natural, why This is the version that will get the best food. For it, you have to find the right angle, in which the lights and shadows highlight what we want to show the plate.

Similarly, Nor should artificial abuse in preparing photography. The author must put part of it in your pictures and show it as it is, It will always be highly valued by his followers.

  • To shift the viewpoint

Most often to be found between photo galleries foodies, They are images that are simply photograph the plate. This is, without a doubt, the best way to portray what you eat, but it is also possible to do differently.

It can Search another view, a more original perspective that breaks with tradition. In this sense, compositions can be made with fresh ingredients carrying a plate or, even, you can shoot some point in their development process. This involves a point of originality and differentiation.

To this it is added the food photography is usually pretty static. Generally, are many pictures of dishes taken from above or also some of bodegones. But it is possible give some movement to the image, get the beholder to move within it. For it is essential composition. Depending on the placement of the elements in the image can be achieved in more or less this effect.

The importance of scene

Contextualized picture with proper decorated

As it noted, food should be the protagonists of this kind of photography. But we must also take into account the elements to be used in the composition. decorated, money, colors, etc. They are essential when planning a photo shoot.

crockery, cutlery, tablecloths or glasses also have much to say about what you shoot, for example, You can bet on an ancient or modern dishes as well as a simple or luxurious cutlery and perhaps this is also part of the message.

Similarly, the fund is also basic. It will not cause the same sensation the plate on a wooden table on a fancy tablecloth, nor it conveys the same idea picture that portrays cookware, that one that captures background inside an upscale restaurant. A) Yes, These elements also feature and part of what we want to communicate.

Now that you already have some tips for getting the best instáneas of your dishes and so become a successful foodie on Instagram, you only start up it is how many delights pass through your hands…Do we begin?

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