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How to create a home delivery service for restaurants via Instagram Shopping

Instagram It never ceases to amaze, this time with its new integration, Instagram Shopping, which it incorporates labels to products which are published in a photo, showing the title and item price, such that if pricked over tag, You can access the direct purchase of this product, Redirecting the user to the online company store or restaurant in question. A true success by the company.
This does not mean that it is focused exclusively for a clothing store, but also It could be used for a restaurant, as may be the case Restaurant "Batavia", which it has incorporated this new feature in their publications to sell, via online shop, all dishes.
Most businesses that have tried this new feature urge you to incorporate into your account and have labeled products in its publications, They have increased sales and income from their online store or restaurant.

How I can create an online restaurant through Instagram Shopping?

1.- At the moment it is available in 43 countries, gradually will be extended to the rest. So you have to make sure that the company will set count based in one of these countries.
2.- The account of Instagram It must become a company profile, which must be dedicated mainly to the sale of physical products.
3.- Facebook page Enterprise should not have age restrictions or.
4.- Company profile instagram must be linked to a catalog of facebook.
There are 2 ways to connect a catalog of facebook with company profile instagram account:
The first way is add a shop to a facebook page:
1. Click on the "Store" tab, on the Facebook page of the company. If the tab does not appear, then you have to change the page template for shopping.
2. Click on "set up shop" and accept the Conditions for merchants.
3. Writing the business address and click "Next".
4. Select currency and enter the email address associated with the page of the company. Click on "Next".
5. Add the tax identification number corresponding to each of the states in which commercial presence has. Click "Finish".
6. Now you can add the products to the store facebook.
The second way is to use a catalog Business Manager:
1. Go to the Business Manager account that has the Facebook page linked to the business account Instagram. If your Business Manager only have access to Facebook page, You can not do this.
2. From the Business Manager account, create a catalog or find an existing one that you want to use for purchases on Instagram.
5.- Once you have linked the company profile instagram with a catalog of facebook, instagram account will automatically reviewed, This may take a few days.
6.- Once the account is approved for purchases on Instagram, you must verify that you have the latest version of the instagram application to label products without problems.
7.- Configure your company profile so you can label products in publications and stories of Instagram.
To enable product labels in publications must follow these steps:
1. Company profile to access account Instagram.
2. Touch the icon of the ellipsis or the gear icon in the upper right corner.
3. Playing in "Shopping", in shaping the business and give "Continue".
4. Now select the catalog of products that want to use this feature labeling.
5. Once selected catalog, the account will be ready to label the publications selected products catalog.
And you can be labeled products in publications and stories, to prove you can follow these steps:
1. Create a story or a publication.
2. Touch the option to label products on the "Share". If you want to incorporate into stories, sticker touch the icon and select the product.
3. Select the product catalog that want to label and place the label or sticker on it or relatively close.
In publications only may be placed 5 labels, Y 20 if more than 1 photo publication. However in stories can be added 1 Product sticker max. Stickers and labels in the name and price of the products appear.
If you have any questions on how to create a home store for your restaurant through Instagram, I have created for all partners #ClubDiegoCoquillat a video where I explain also step by step. You can become a member on this link and join the club for restaurants innovation world's largest.
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