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How the environment influences a restaurant customer experience


Lights, music, the smells, color clothing service… We believe it or not, all these elements affect and influence us more than we think when we walked into a restaurant. And is that, recent studies claim that neuromarketing the environment is a key factor and determining factor in the user experience.

Now every time we judge a restaurant, we do based on elements that go beyond the ingredients of the dish, and that is something that should take account of managers and workers in the sector.

The influence on customers who have some elements such as lighting or music, It is great and very important. In fact, last year a Swedish multinational company called SCA, which is dedicated to market hygiene products and personal care products in more than 80 countries, with such brands as Tena, Tork or Colhogar did a study about. More than 3.000 people from 6 European countries like Germany, U.K. Holland, France, Russia and Finland, it was determined which it is what most customers look when they go to a restaurant.

That is why today we want to tell you how to handle all those elements that will help to improve the experiences that you offer in your local.

Customer satisfaction, the main goal

You probably know already that ensure customer satisfaction is one of the main points in the marketing of restaurants. Unlike other businesses, here not just a product offered, but also and mainly in some cases, a service. Y, although we are very confident that a good product will save all, really is the correct interaction between product and -service- which can guarantee success or failure of your business.

Another factor is determining and differentiating the restaurants It is a market where loyalty is sought. Ideal for any hotelier is to have a regular clientele and achieve increase.

But to get repeat customers so they can retain, It is established a relationship of trust that will be based on the experience to be offered in that business. This includes different things, and is that, as we said, It is now not only important that the food is well prepared and presented. A good service, a well-conditioned premises and an environment chord can convince many have found their ideal place to eat, beyond what they think of their dishes.

And precisely that is where we stop. To help assess the importance of a good environment as a key factor of restaurants.

pale lights and soft music

Music is one of the factors that most influences our eating. If, for example, in a restaurant they put a very high very strong song with a volume, customers eat more food, and they will much faster since, subconscientemente, that noise drives them to chew faster. This will cause take longer to fill up and swallowed more quantity.

Apart, also it affects the experience and the feeling will be the establishment. A frantic and music at high volume will be associated memory disorder, the hubbub and excitement. What a negative psychological effect with respect to the restaurant.

Because, in the most serious and elegant places it is committed to soft music as, for example, he jazz. An ambient sound that allows customers to keep conversation flowing at a normal voice. Neuronalmente, This produces a sense of calm, which translates into lower food intake. further, they will eat more slowly and you can taste more dishes.

The memory with which then associate with the restaurant will of a nice quiet place where you can eat while having a conversation with the accompanying. For them will be a more positive experience and are more likely to decide to repeat.

The lighting It is another key factor. Strong and powerful lights redoubled that sense of urgency conveyed loud music. Y, Thus, also they produce a feeling of nervousness and disorder. negative impressions with which, evidently, You do not want to relate to your restaurant.

It is advisable in these cases is betting on a much more subdued lighting. This does not mean you let your customers dark, no. What is sought is to create a welcoming atmosphere and close. It is intended to seek a coherence between the play of light and music.

So, If you want to work properly on improving marketing your restaurant, do not forget to focus especially on the experience that will take each of your customers.

In this regard, The best thing to do is to put a soft background music and subtle lighting. So that they can enjoy food and company, and they left a good taste in your mouth with your business service, they lead to repeat again and again.

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