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How good use of digital tablets can improve the functioning of the restaurants


Electronic devices with screens, with the smartphones to the head, increasingly dominate our lives. Being an everyday item for most consumers, it stands to reason that companies sell products and services are interested in interacting with their potential customers through these devices.

In the world of restaurants both employees and guests can benefit from a digital strategy based on tablets, as long as this has been designed properly, adapted to the peculiarities of local and implemented according to documents conceptualization.

In this article we review six modes where restaurants are getting deliver a better user experience through the use of digital tablets, and also we delve into how these multimedia devices have transformed the sector and even the establishments.

1.- Accessibility and inclusivity in the vicinity of the restaurant

any restaurant, However small is, receives thousands of customers over a year. Among them there is a not inconsiderable chance that the visitor count on some condition that prevents you from developing your everyday life with full normality. Blindness, impairments in language, deafness, Immobilization of limbs ... These are all serious conditions that are exacerbated where facility have not taken into account the difficulties facing such groups.

Tablets offer facilities to some of these groups when asking. Social Anxiety, hearing or speech problems can be overcome by the clever use of a digital tablet. The digital transformation of the restaurant It thus becomes a social transformation, in which all people, regardless of their abilities, They are welcome and can be addressed with all guarantees.

Similarly, digital tablets are a great help when dealing with foreigners (travelers or recent immigrants) they do not understand the language. For those who do not know the Castilian is much easier to know that a Spanish omelet want to eat when you have an image on the tablet, as opposed to questions that might arise trying to understand an unintelligible letter.

For those restaurants that are trying to make a transition from an entry audience in years to a younger, tablets can function as a claim. The generations millennial and later they are native to these technologies and see the possession and use of standardized technology to restoration as a current symbol and professionalism by restaurateur.

2.- Customizing digital tablets and aggregation of information bases macrodata

The ultra-personalization services is one of the general guidelines to be pursued today in all business world. Nevertheless, to excel over our competitors not enough to offer a wide range of options chosen haphazardly.

Decisions about which items offer should be based on data about our customers. Only in this way we can boost our turnover to choosing products that generate more demand in our usual audience.

In order to gather the necessary information restaurants are turning to mobile applications through which telematic management orders and reservations made. You can also achieve the same result to the implement software data collection on tablets which they are used in local tables when placing an order, or even if these are used by the waiters who will take note of the food orders.

For it is the customer who interacts directly with tablets, must be interested in differentiating the product used motifs, logos and branding company. So we created a positive impression on the diner at the same time strengthen our market presence.

3.- The technological evolution of the cards

Following the discussion in the preceding paragraph, What restaurant you would have a generic letter in his restaurant? The menu generates one of the first impressions that visitors have on local, leaving aside decoration, I try the service and general atmosphere.

Traditional cards still work so appropriate today, They are more afflicted with various problems: frequent changes entail a cost overrun unaffordable and outdated list being just a short cape, paper deteriorates rapidly even when plasticized, and spending materials is unjustifiable when there is an electronic option with a much lower environmental impact considering life.

Digital tablet stands in many modern premises as the logical bet restaurateur to maintain its current letter, Error free, dynamic and effective. further, younger customers often demand additional information on the cooking method, ingredients used allergens or the final product may contain. All this information can be easily accessible on the tablet without the crowded left menu to unhealthy limits.

4.- Entertainment and palliative against unforeseen waiting

The applications software more advanced than you can see in the restaurant world currently make up a host of services so that the diner can energize your experience and adjust your expectations.

Each client has different threshold patience, and while some may speak boldly with his companions, others despair waiting for them to attend it. Digital tablets are perfect for all these profiles.

For those earthy charlatans, their stories can be supported by the means that can be found online, accessible from the tablet offered by the restaurant (also collects information on customer searches).

For those who do not know what to do while waiting, these devices have different options for entertainment. Not only internet, but the apparatus may have installed interactive games to lighten the passage of time.

By last, who do not have time to wait any longer than necessary can ordering and payment from the tablet without incurring any wait. Only they have to be philosophical about the arrival of the plates to the table.

5.- Minimization of human error

During the visit of a diner at the restaurant several errors can arise. As you command to refer, the customer can get confused and surprised later thinking I had asked for something else, camaraderie staff can point the wrong item or crossing kitchen tables when delivery order.

Digital tablets arranged for customers to do their fighting personally asked most of these errors while improving the user experience.

6.- Improvement in the overall performance of the establishment

In the previous sections we have touched several aspects that can be reinterpreted as an improvement in the efficiency of the processes taking place in the restaurant. Nevertheless, the above cases do not form an exhaustive list.

The technology for restoration, and specifically digital tablets that concern us here, They can optimize tasks improbable ways. For example, the chefs of some restaurants have indicated that without the handwritten notes has reduced waiting times at the local. This is because some waiters calligraphy is not the most readable and above the kitchen staff was forced to confirm the commands before starting the cooking process.

Similar improvements in performance can be found in other aspects of the evolution of businesses restoration when used electronic tablets. And it is that the reality is that these devices are helpful for restorative.

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