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How geotargeting can help get customers in a restaurant


Today I want to share with you a new mobile marketing technique that is beginning to have some relevance in the United States and are already doing some tests on restaurants.

Is called Geotargeting Local, I will try to explain in a simple way, It is to send information, a directly or through an application, to smartphone users who are physically close to or even inside the restaurant.

The mechanism works like a radar, the application detects a client in the designated sphere of influence through its IP, wifi or GPS and activates submission, the client receives on his mobile to alert mode, message or advertisement.

It is an evolution of geomarketing, where the influence is made on a specific geographic area, a country, a city, etc., but the difference lies in the high degree of local segmentation, since we are interested only those very close to the restaurant customers.

Already it made a local campaign geotargeting by McDonald’s to promote their products through the McCafe app Pandora, which it is a radio online, in which the location of users identified and an ad in which offered the following information was published :

  • McDonald's Restaurant nearest to the geographical position of the user.
  • Promotion of chocolate or any hot product McCafe by $ 1.99.
  • Download free wallpapers holiday.

The particular ad is the one that can see in the picture below:

Undoubtedly all information is optimized for mobile:

Como utilizar técnicas de geoposicionamiento para restaurantes

Clicking the ad takes you to a page where the main objective is to inform the nearest restaurant:

Finally I would like to emphasize that a very high percentage of customers who go to restaurants do proximity, local geotargeting is an interesting tool for customer acquisition proximity to a very segmented and very local geographical orientation that could be useful in the future for all kinds of restaurants, but in my opinion there are some issues that should be resolved as previously the legality of the collection of user data, and measured through a study the reaction of customers to these types of online advertising proximity.

What do you think local geotargeting? Do you think it may be useful for customer acquisition proximity to restaurants?

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