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How to choose the best color for your restaurant


Lives not only taste the food industry, he color also an fundamental role and we do not mean only the appearance of the food. Keep in mind when choosing the color Logo your restaurant, the wall color, the tone of the tables, tablecloths, napkins or the letter. Because each color awakens in us a feeling and what we want is that what the customer will see as pleasant possible.

researchers Instituto Max Planck scientifically proved something that we had already been suspected for a long time: we need only see a plate of food look delicious and appealing colors to stimulate our voracity. Specifically, the image of the food increases blood levels of ghrelin hormone, also known as the hunger hormone, responsible for appetite. If we say that when cooking the sense of sight must be taken into account, we are not advancing anything new.

But also, you have to take care of color logo, in this case the place where we will taste the dish, as each shade awakens in us a feeling. So will the clients, and all transmit a brand image It will help diners feel more or less comfortable in our establishment.

In the food industry color it has a very important role in visual perception, emotion and human behavior. Let's try to find out more about our subconscious and how we react to the colors we see. You may not be aware of how this can influence our emotions and even less our appetite, but it is something that happens.

We eat through the eyes

We eat through the eyes, so we try to understand why color is important for a brand, for a restaurant and for subsequent recognition. Color logo, the brand, Restaurant interior design, the menu, napkins and, even, the bathroom. Read on and be your own decorator.


psychological properties: Red is known for stimulate and excite, It is closely related with passion and energy.

In food: improves appetite, when we see the color red increases energy, Something similar happens when we are ready to party and neurons fire in our hypothalamus. Red is also known to increase nerve impulses and heart rate.

Red is one of the most common and effective colors used in food industry.

Examples: red is one of the most common and effective colors used in food industry. For example, Look at fast food chains, most will have some red element. When you think about food, the color red is associated with tender meat, juicy or, even, with a sweet candy.

Exceptions to the rule: because red is a color so intense it happens that tends to cause a much faster reaction than any other, which generates a pulse or urgent response, 'Hasty'. It has been proven that red tablecloths make a person eat more, but should be used with caution color.

Red is courage, passion and energy. It is one of the most sensitive to the human eye shades, because, for impact, Red is the perfect color. Many brands have considered the color red badge. Coca Cola It takes almost a century using a red background for its white letters, a red that emphasizes energy that provides your product.

But without a doubt, the red is associated with fast food companies, Burger King, Telepizza, McDonalds. So it striking that the last change in the image by McDonalds has started to turn from red to green, to break away from the image of 'junk food’ and closer to healthy foods, vegetables and baked earth.


psychological properties: blue is generally used in conservative corporate brands and, actually, is one of the most popular colors used by brands in America. Blue represents security and confidence but not, necessarily, the best choice for a restaurant.

In relation to food: It is one of the colors less appetizing. Some shades of blue can relate to situations or aseptic technology companies. Instead, If we mix with white walls and Mediterranean decor, without it being a predominant color, we can surrender to crave healthy Mediterranean food.

Blue is generally used in conservative corporate brands and, actually, It is one of the most popular colors used by brands in America.

Examples: the most successful blue food over the past decade has been the introduction of M&M azul. Yes, It was a success but would it work in other foods? We also comes to mind blue sugus, that that many theories inspired by the poor relationship between the blue wrapper and pineapple flavor. Blue is one of the colors that attracts fewer people to food. Why? Because blue is not commonly seen in foods other than blue berries and purple potatoes Y, many times, They remind us of spoiled food.

Exceptions to the rule: blue is also very common in restaurants seafood, mainly reflect the color of water and can be a cool cry, one must know how to combine.


psychological properties: although it is said that the color orange can make you look unprofessional also keep in mind that its a color energy, bold, optimistic and fun but must be used carefully, as it may also reflect immaturity or superficiality.

Regarding food: the first thing that comes to mind are oranges and that has nothing wrong. Oranges are tasty, stimulants with that light and tasty acidity, when grocery, Clear. A client relate these feelings with your restaurant has nothing wrong. You can encourage vitality and joy among customers and, I at least, as when I'm more happy than sad. You can also stimulate conversation and this leads to satisfied customers who are comfortable in your restaurant.


Examples: Tropicana Y Boys They head the table for obvious reasons, their relationship with oranges. The orange also relates to the tropical, so use accordingly.

Exception to the rule: the brand Hermes (another range, clarification if you do not usually use their bags daily), uses orange in your logo and it does not lose its quality brand consolidated with an exclusive audience. Other way round, gives its customers a certain sense of youth without losing its' class’ (the style is not about money).

So, without absolutely everything in our restaurant is orange, and to not overwhelm the customer, We can use this as a predominant hue. yes, together with others who debase but not nullify energy and good feelings conveyed orange.


psychological properties: the yellow transmit happiness And joy, enthusiasm, optimism and youth. Being such a powerful color, be careful when using it.

In relation to food: Yellow triggers and operates the analytical side of our brain, so it is not as convenient when we eat, and I count less analyze the customer, the more you leave out. So that too garish yellow may not be best suited for a restaurant, unless be lowered with another color. Instead, the subtler tones can transmit more relaxation.

Logos-where-the-color-main-is-the-yellowExamples: they say that fast food restaurants use yellow to promote customer turnover, so that they feel they have to eat faster. Instead, If a yellow logo is used but with other colors, causes no damage, some examples are Burger King, McDonalds, Subway O Lays.


psychological properties: the green represents the relaxation, the equilibrium, harmony, nature, the environment and creativity.

In relation to food: in the food green is related to the healthy, vegetarian, fresh and, in general terms, the good taste. And actually, must take into account that organic has become fashionable, We are not judging health, only it is fashionable, It is added and the green value is associated with it.

If you want your client relate your food, your restaurant with the tranquility, the healthy and fresh, green is your color.

Examples: Starbucks, one of the largest coffee chains in the world, It has established as a leading green color logo, what you want to convey that you feel relax. So, If you want your client relate your food, your restaurant with the tranquility, the healthy and fresh, green is your color.


This color conveys the feeling of being connected to earth, security, sincerity, comfort.


In food is related to coffee and chocolate or whole grain products, with organic crops and natural, especially when mixed with green. It can help create an atmosphere of relaxation and security in our restaurant.

White, negro, Grey

used individually, these three colors transmit different sensations. He give white sense of purity, innocence and hope; he negro It is related to the classic, the sophisticated and strength, Meanwhile he Grey transmit maturity and reliability, but if overused it can give off a feeling of depression and lack of emotion.

The advice is to use them in a restaurant for counter the other colors and do not end up burdening the customer, since abusing a strong and intense color can be counterproductive. Thus the combined orange with black can transmit luxury and class but not boredom. Instead, If we mix orange and white get a cool restaurant and vital. By last, gray and orange combination conveys modernity.

Logos-where-your-color-principal-is-the-blackIt's a matter of define our philosophy, the kind of restaurant you want and our target audience Y, accordingly, pick the color that suits.

How to choose the best color for your restaurant
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    Hello I open a restaurant and think you could recommend me colors the place is a little dark and I like the clarity that colors do you recommend me to look clearer the local and at the same time look cozy thanks in advance

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