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How to empathize with the client to conquer Foodie


We started this saga know What is a Foodie, why I want to conquer as a customer and 20 reasons for doing so. This information was a necessary basis for that from today we begin to see small concrete ways to implement strategies, and that in a practical way, Simple and effective, you may begin a process of innovation in your business, or any of the services of the same, putting the focus on the client foodie.

But tranquil @ s, if you carefully follow us, these strategies will become easier and will help break down the wall of some bias, lead you to a greater range of perspectives and give information much richer in possibilities and more reliable.

Let's build on the innovation methodology Design Thinking. It is very likely that you have already heard of it, and if not you have used sounds somewhat "Stratospheric". Innovation sometimes it is simply common sense approach put, and maybe you realize that You have been following any of these steps instinctively, but it lacking complete with some details or phases to give the expected results.

Methodology Innovation Design ThinkingPHASE 1 – Foodie Experience (user): Put on your skin

It may be that if you work in this sector are a foodie, but you'll have to understand it perfectly. More than that, You'll have to feel what he feels, to look at the world as he looks, you'll have to get ahead of what he thinks, definitely, the keyword is: Mptisr. But, how to do it? Here we go…

Empathy has 3 foundations: Observe, Listen and interact.

  1. Observe customer values ​​Foodie

We will based on a phrase Jeroen Van der Veer, former Director General of Oil Shell, and taking into our target customer: the Foodie. “To have success, our company / restaurant must line up perfectly with customer `valores` Foodie”, and for that you have to know them and experience them: Get out of your comfort circle!.

Surely occasionally you leave your business and visit your competition, attend meetings of associations or read about new trends. As well! While this is fine, sorry to say you have not left your comfort circle. Not enough, not to put yourself in the shoes foodie, not to understand it and that their "pain" the feel yours.

You know what a foodie and what features it has. From now you must look through the glass, every moment, when You watch t.v, you go to the supermarket, You are talking with a supplier but also ... you must go out and seek new experiences; places they frequent, go to those business models that succeed with foodies and "observe" with all senses.

Very important: takes notes and always keep in mind these reflections. Do you know this company what the customer needs? What need is solving customer foodie? and what form differs from how other businesses give the product / service?

Get out of your usual space, visit competing companies, but also those within your field, although not engaged in the same, meet similar needs. You can find information, allies and inspiration.

Socialize with other companies, may it be a need to solve by combining products and / or services belonging to different sectors and the ability to do only have if you leave the edge of your field or specialty. Expand your limits, because remember ... the foodie do not have them and innovation sometimes based on "connect" different things.

  1. Listen to sell solutions

When was the last time you stopped to listen to your customer? When we talk about listening to customers there who is based solely on the satisfaction surveys or quality. Surveys are a tool, do not use them as bias, because they can be lethal. Listening is listening. Do it with your customers, but also with customers from other business models.

It is as simple as asking a question like "I did not know this place ... what is?”, From here you can start a conversation in which your partner starts to give information to capazos and valuable.

Never miss a story, in them are emotions, perspectives and views of foodies; but mostly, You can show some latent need, that even they themselves have identified and you can convert the differential value or the basis of a new service or business model. Is about solve specific problems in specific contexts.

  1. RRSS uses to interact

In previous articles we talked about the weakness of foodies by social networks. There is much talk of this and because there is a science about. You must know these networks, make them your tools and allied ... but as polls ... do not let them become a limit. The off-line is crucial. We're talking about foodies, experiences and emotions constantly emerge, was close. That proximity will also help continuous feedback, that need to be in constant use innovation.

Eye! Ten capacity for self-critical to your business, There are many "psychopaths companies". And, if ... movie sounds, but it's real. These organizations believe they do everything for their customers and what the customer perceives is just the opposite. They use them to get only the satisfaction of their own interests. If they establish some seemingly altruistic or selfless as internally, do not hesitate to modify whatever the result, because the only goal is to their own benefit.

Remember, foodie looking for authenticity, as discover that everything is facade, his fame run like wildfire among this tribe. Never lose objectivity, It must be a win to win (win win), earn your customers and thus and thus, you win.

How to Conquer customer Foodie

There is a very interesting tool that any company can use to better understand customer, empathize with him and clear unknowns about your specific needs. This is the map of Empathy. It is a tool developed by XPLANE and can be a great ally.

Map of EmpathyIn the next article we will see all the details of how you can use easily. We will wait for you, is attentive @.

About the Author

Laura Laiz is an expert in Innovation, HR and Tourism. University professor and consultant in Florida, performs academic coordination of various masters and postgraduate training.


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