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Finding the best employees on Facebook for a restaurant


There are times when the seeking new members for the team You can become a tedious for which the restaurant owner has no time. Launch an ad demanding job can have its downside: will reach hundreds of resumes without the requirements you are looking for, and the need to filter them who do.

Think about it, If you're looking to incorporate a cook to your computer, Would not you like to enter a room where there was 2.000 at that time are unemployed or looking for new projects? And even more than that, What if you could make them a previous interview questions before them?

according to a study conducted in 2016 by InfoEmpleo and ADECCO, 9 each 10 companies use social networks “capture” new talents. The study also reveals other details of particular interest:

  • He 88% companies that open a selection process check social profiles their candidates.
  • He 69% of HR professionals think that the candidate “active” social networks have more opportunities labor.
  • He 76% people who choose a job send your CV through networks social.

It is clear that Internet and social networks have changed the way we communicate. Even in what was once essential to be in person, as it can be a job interview, Now there is also the option to do so online. At least in the first contact.

Since Faceclub We have implemented several selection processes with our customers and results they are very positive. So much so that they have chosen to use social media exclusively when they need to expand their work teams.

exist various forms of “recruit” Through social networks, but today we are going to tell you, in our opinion, is faster and more effective: Contact forms Facebook Ads.

3 advantages of recruiting via Facebook

  1. Speed: One of the main advantages of using the contact forms on Facebook is its speed. this tool making public information in the personal profile candidate, eliminating the barrier of having to hand fill.
  2. Without leaving Facebook: We could send the candidate to our website and fill out a contact form. But what if you have a fast connection at that time? Or worse what if your website is not adapted to mobile? Thanks to the forms Facebook, the user you can send all the information we're going to require without leaving the platform.
  3. Order: We can consult and download all Requests in Excel, where we all appear so structured and each of the questions and data that we ask the candidate.

Tips for finding the best candidate for your restaurant on Facebook

  • Explain to your candidate what you're looking clearly

Contact forms have Facebook Welcome screen where you can include a picture, a text and a button. Is ideal time to explain clearly what you're looking for, or you can offer the professional you are looking to incorporate your team.

  • Meet the candidate before interview

Through the contact form Facebook, the restaurant owner can make a preliminary questionnaire who chooses the job (until 3 questions) In addition to the options that gives us Facebook (email, phone, full name, civil status, etc)

  • Show him your web

It includes a button that links to your page When you complete the form with more information about your company or the job you offer.

Once you know the ideal format to collect the information you're looking for your candidate, it is time to direct the target what are you looking for. The key: Facebook Ads.

Direct your ad to perfect candidate

Thanks to the Facebook advertising platform, today we can find the target perfect if we do the correct segmentation. Depending on the profile you need, You have to use a screening process based on interests or demographics.

When you are looking for professionals (cooks, sommeliers, Asian food specialists, chefs, masters…) targeting job works well: you show your ads to people who have previously specified their profession in their personal profile Facebook. Remember: segmentation is critical to your Facebook Ads campaigns are effective. Invest the time it takes to set them before publication.

Do not be afraid to invest money in seeking candidates to expand your team. Find qualified professionals is synonymous with success for your restaurant. By incorporating an experienced head waiter to be able to professionally manage a team of 5 people will surely get economic benefits 10 times the investment you did to find it through a Facebook campaign Ads.

Do not forget to be creative

Like the candidates to choose your job are, Do not forget to be you. Times have changed and should adapt to digital processing. emotionally involving professionals who choose the selection process will determine your qualifications for creativity.

A landing page where you explain in a video profile looking, a selection process through a contest, the candidate has to be recorded explaining your skills., etc., are some ideas finding potential to adapt to the digital age workers.

Have you already tried to expand your workforce with Facebook Ads? Do not wait any longer and find the #CandidatoPerfecto in social networks.

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