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Choosing a good cook for your restaurant


A few days ago we gave you a step by step explanation of keys to select a good waiter for a restaurant. In this article we highlight that it was essential to make the best possible selection process for the service and customer care your business work well. Today let's focus on what we need to know to pick the perfect cook.

It is vital that managers and restaurant owners become aware of how crucial it is selection process Cook suitable. Needless to say that the cook or chef is one of the fundamental pieces in a hotel business as of their work it depends largely on the success or failure to get the restaurant.

Nowadays, the chefs of the restaurants are like rock stars of the moment. They have the ability to make a business catering, trend back in the area, and a poor choice of chef, It can be fatal to the restaurant. evidently, the smooth running of a hotel business depends on many more facets that should also work to achieve success, but in a restaurant, It all starts with a quality dining options.

In addition to the talent of a chef, a restaurant needs much more…

It is therefore very important to know what we must require the candidate to ensure proper performance of their work in the restaurant; passion, discipline, training…etc.

Managers are gastronomic oferecer we want in our restaurant, They should know to combine practicality and quality in each dish and why it is vital to know detected during the selection process, we are dealing with the right professional for our restaurant.

"A good cook is not the best known peeling potatoes", the role of a chef goes beyond.

There are things that can be forgiven in a restaurant if the food is really excellent, for example, a service that is not perfect or a longer wait than usual. But the truth is that when the food is good, chances are that a repeat customer, and to recommend the establishment known, family, etc.

Although it is not All you need a business to succeed, if we are able to offer a good dining experience, with excellent products and a varied and dynamic menu, we have a good basis for success among our customers.

How do I find the right chef?

The most important thing when selecting a cook is to take a talent test. Antonio Pedrosa, a young entrepreneur owned several successful restaurants in Madrid, He tells us his trick: "He 90 percent of the time I make the selection of cooks in the kitchen I try and watch closely how they operate, how do they work. For us it is very important that they hand, and that's not as easy to get as it may seem ".

In most occasions, simply observe how he handles the knife or any of the tools found in the kitchen, You can get an idea of ​​how you will do your job, but the truth is that analyzing their capabilities You should go a step further.

In addition to being agile and decisive in the kitchen, a good cook should know how to optimize raw material, Or put another way, You do not waste food and good will seize the exact amount of each ingredient to achieve the best results. For this you need participate actively in the preparation of the escandallos.

Experts recommend selecting whenever possible and once the capacity as a chef is beyond doubt, a person with an easy character to carry. It's very important the relationship with the whole team and its contribution to this. If it is not easy to work with the person who is in the kitchen, This will impact the room and will be reflected in the environment with other staff and worse, the feeling will reach customers.

A correct choice of the chef bring us to success in our restaurant

Because, You can propose to the applicant the option to an extra day and test their capacity during a working day. You will have to observe closely and decide, depending on what you see, if the ideal person or not for your restaurant. It is often a matter of luck but, In most cases, predisposition to demonstrate while this test.

The chefs have in their hands the ability and responsibility to generate pleasure and satisfaction diners. From there are the waiters, managers and other restaurant workers who will have to make the cut so that everything works like a well-coordinated orchestra.

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