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How to generate interesting content restaurants Pinterest


One question that often made restaurant owners when they talk about Pinterest and begin to consider starting the journey of their establishments in this social network, and also in the other, is this:

How to make what I get on Pinterest attract customers?

Often those responsible for the Digital Marketing business appropriate to give the same answers, although occasionally the results are not the intended and then the question again arises.

Definitely, no one solution or standard answers, as there is a restaurant just like other; Just some ideas, certain procedures and the need to dedicate time and knowledge to make things right.

We few months ago the major trend you already gave to get it: use a combination of Content, Image and Motivation, in the article "Restaurants inspire Pinterest”; but this is a very general explanation, so that today we will dig a little on the types of pins that are useful and attractive and help to achieve this goal, showing you examples that can inspire you to apply your own digital strategies.

If you already know Pinterest already know this to "inspire" is your thing 😉

Go for it?

First, you can take advantage of current trends

The boost it gives the advantage of novelty and capitalize on the interest already created are two good reasons to take advantage of trends, why you differ and may allow you to get even viral results.

Today the biggest trend that we are in the world online (and also in the offline) is the new augmented reality game Pokémon Go; in fact just a few days ago Diego Coquillat He exposed us some examples of how restaurants can use it to fill their tables.

If you browse Pinterest and you can find some Go Pokémon related pins and restaurants, as East Y East, but very few (virtually none) placed by the restaurants themselves on their boards. So, if you intend to do, This is your moment, before your competitors do.


Not all news and trends, there are other very useful options and probably more durable, How is it the use of infographics: These are among the items most sought options to the point that this is the only social network that are always correctly, regardless of size.

These, In addition to capturing the attention of the navigator, generate traffic to your website (if they are self-invoice) And till allow you to position yourself in your niche.

And here's a sample of the pin "Recipe authentic Paella Valenciana":

paella infographic

But, as not only paella man lives (nor the restaurant), Here are some infographics published in options that can resultaros more inspiring or appropriate to your business:

Infographic of how a coffee requested in Málaga Ye you shall have noticed that none of these pins restaurant shows the product itself, but give general and curious information on generic products. That is their great added value:

Add value to the user, offering information about your shown interest in an aesthetically appealing way and absolutely differentiated, that is reflected in memory.

"Mere" snapshot

It is as it is Pinterest graphic and visual social network, Show your products and services, I could not help but be a very interesting option.

For it, we could work for example:

In these cases the picture quality is essential: what our customers perceive us and our establishments depend on it one hundred twenty percent.

The videos

The next option would be to use one of the most striking and appropriate formats to share quality content with our fans (Let us not forget that "the food enters the eye"): I mean Pin it directly videos.

With these he gets a longer retention of customer care and you can show many things:

  • stories (the establishment storytelling, for example)
  • Preparation of dishes
  • Show our facilities
  • Or even cooking tips and even recipes, if we should.

Two good examples of the use of this technique are these two pins of Restaurants Aponiente Y Booty:

Always Aponiente Angel Leon Video on Youtube

animated GIFs

Is this a very unusual format options but that the system supports perfectly. It allows you to display moving images on pins that help capture the attention of the navigator.

Nevertheless, as we said, is so rare find on Pinterest we have not found any related to gastronomy and catering… Just this that made the author of these lines just over a month ago, no other purpose than being able to share on social networks when he pleased:

Not content with pretensions and probably its quality does not meet the minimum standards for Pinterest profiles of your establishments, but neither he intended. And if the result is striking having conducted with a mobile phone camera extemporaneously, What could have been achieved with a professional camera, the collaboration of the restaurant staff and a little more dedication?.

Five options Five! I have shared your content here to Pinterest, only five closed and definite ideas, We prefer to be five sources of inspiration to help you highlight your publications establishments in this network and make them more attractive.

Do you know some other technique that here we have spoken to you?

If so, we'd love to us contarais.

And if it's not and what you want is that you keep talking about Pinterest, tricks, secrets and strategies, do not worry, We continue to do so on this site. Though that will be after the summer.

Until next time!

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