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How to manage negative comments in a restaurant


In most conferences and courses that give, one of the questions I always ask me to finish my presentation, is the next; What about the negative comments are made about a restaurant or a business?

The question I usually formulate it with some trepidation, with that feeling that something very serious can happen and it will not be solved. Nothing is further from reality.

The first thing you should consider is that there are some businesses more than others criticisable, the restaurants or hospitality in general are one of them. Mainly because it is a type of business nearby, everyday and all somehow know, and this exhibition together with the risks of digital environments make him more comparable and criticized others.

The online criticism in a restaurant

We can not deny that there are many individual items in a restaurant that may be susceptible opinion, and service, the price, the letter, the menu, the quality, the amount, Cleaning, design, the speed, the lighting, music, the environment, the comfort, the staff, crockery, napery, the furniture, wifi, is hot, it's cold, the parking, access…

The attitude with which we face the negative reviews of any of our customers should always from reflection and from the opportunity to improve some of our restaurant is not liking or is not working well, regardless of the channel through which arrives either traditional or online. While I will not deny that the impact may be very different by the viral component that can reach through social networks, which it happens in very few cases.

It is very important to note that if you do not allow comments or Facilitas, criticism or opinions in your social environment, they will go to other less controllable environments such as blogs or forums to do them, They are worsening the situation because they are usually much less controllable environments. It is advisable that what they have to say, good or bad, what you say in your social environment.

I always recommend using simple monitoring tools to know what is being said about our restaurant and also be able to know in real time.

But the question is; How can we do this?

  • It analyzes the type of comment, if it has occurred in a particular context, through that channel sent, see the profile of the issuer, time tracking us, If you regularly performs comments…, definitely, seeks its credibility and diferencialo from those made in bad faith, in which case they could take measures such as expulsion or blocking user.
  • Answers all comments, not give an option not to answer, except those using insults, bad sounding expressions or as I mentioned before, that are malicious.
  • Try to do it as quickly as possible, Note that the customer is something that you really care and want to provide a customized solution, and do not hesitate if you really deserve an apology.
  • Answers a human form, close and personal, We are people and we can make mistakes. Ponders and thinks that solution you would have them give you if you happen the same, Step into the shoes of your customer and you will find the best answer.
  • No matter how negative it the commentary tries to take some positive side and let them notice, if only gratitude for participating or send a comment. Do not respond aggressively, or you feed the controversy.
  • If you have made a mistake, Face it especially informs and share with your community all the changes you've implemented in your restaurant so that will not happen again, will earn you a lot of confidence and credibility.
  • If you really transmitted to your community of followers about authentic values, real and credible, you'll find something fascinating that you'll move and your own followers are the ones who are going to help solve this problem…I assure!

What are you going to get?

  • If your customer feels dissatisfied heard it is very possible to reflect and give you a second chance.
  • You get a good reputation online with other followers, increasing your confidence and your credibility, very important values ​​to attract new customers.
  • Reputation is the linchpin for solvency in your strategy SMR (Social Media Restauranting).
  • It involves or informs all the restaurant staff in the solution, You get to give importance to the channel and that your employees know how important it is to hear from your customers, you will improve the culture of your company.
  • Ponders and thinks if you prefer a bad review or not to return the client, The first option is a valuable opportunity you have to know how to exploit
  • They say they know the true friends in bad times, because in such situations you're going to realize the kind of social community that you are creating.

Now consider and answer… Are you ready to face negative comments from your customers?

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