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How to Make Halloween A terrifyingly special night at your restaurant


Halloween, The night of the Living Dead, of Lost Souls, witches and spells is a great opportunity to redecorate your restaurant, give a dismal look, dark and accompany the most disgustingly delicious food to taste and sight. The idea is to use a special occasion in which people are predisposed to have a good time to make your restaurant is the cemetery, enchanted castle or a zombie apocalypse bunker after which everyone wants to go.

That change in the decor has to be accompanied by a complete makeover, the waiters and waitresses will be dressed accordingly and have to be changes in the letter. Everything has to be scary, Sinister, disgustingly creepy. Check imagination, reconverting enjoy your restaurant and so will your customers.

the saga Twilight He became fashionable vampires but are much more terrifying zombies The Walking Dead. Surely thousands of zombies invade our streets this Saturday 31 October and be hungry, fail to attract them to your restaurant. You can simulate a zombie invasion, with a special menu for survivors or for these undead beings, you decide which side you are. yes, the door staff have to be a sickening be, sight only, please.

Death and darkness generate a lot of business, prepares a promotion in your restaurant for Halloween. The secret is also in communicating the right way. In these cases, an advertising campaign teaser, mysterious and enigmatic can be a great attraction. Social networks can be the best way to convey this campaign, not to be deceived, Halloween is more popular among young people and those plaguing social media.

Organize the event can be anything from a party with food and drink bar, a costume contest, a simple change in the decor and the menu and even, and if you want to go a step further, devise a terrifying game role. Saturday takes the imagination to wander.


You can opt for a generic decor, with ornaments or think of a theme and acclimate the restaurant, for example, the Addams Family mansion or that castle that served as the Transylvanian Pajarería.

The Addams Family lounge

The chaotic and anchored in time the Addams family room.

Dr. pimpled

Dr. pimpled and pajarería Transylvania

These are just some ideas. The funny thing is surprising and a little imagination. Otherwise you can also opt for a decoration based on black and orange, by the relationship of Halloween with pumpkins, and add some cobweb, ghost, skeleton, bat, brain or mutilated limbs.

Halloween decoration

Simple decor ideas

Halloween decoration-2

You have no excuse to give you a zombie touch to that picture of communion

Halloween decoration-3

Terror can get to the bathroom, as well. Another recommendation is to lower the intensity of light.


Restaurant staff

Staff should also be totally immersed and committed to the event. Whether disguised Wednesday, Morticia, Fetid or Uncle Thing, They have to get into the role. Dr. may also be pimpled or twin Exorsisters. From Freddy Krueger to Norman Bates in Psycho, there are thousands of ideas to reality with staff. witches, vampires, mummies… The key is to enjoy it and make fun customers. Everyone has to work together to create an atmosphere of terror.

The Addams Family

The Addams Family

Freddy Krueger

Striped jerseys have never ceased to be fashionable

Food to die

Since we have redecorated and have staff dressed in that guise, we must think about food. different menu, creative dishes, desserts and specialty drinks inspired terror. You can even create a contest via Twitter to make the message more sinister is the winner of a free drink.

Decoración de platos para Halloween

Calabaza que vomita…guacamole

Decoración de platos para Halloween

Hay una bruja en mi cupcake

Decoración de platos para Halloween

Y ahora un ojo en mi ponche…

Decoración de platos para Halloween

Parece típico encontrarse partes humanas en la comida en este restaurante

Decoración de platos para Halloween

Deliciosos dedos

Decoración de platos para Halloween

Miembros humanos en la comida e incluso gusanos

Decoración de platos para Halloween

Si tienes un restaurante italiano o platos de pasta, también puedes convertirlo en un ser siniestro

Decoración de platos para Halloween

Espagueti monster

También se pude aprovechar la tradición del truco o trato y realizar algún dulce para repartir a los niños que se atrevan a acercarse a tu terrorífico restaurante.

Dulces para niños Halloween

Dulces para niños Halloween

El menú también puede ser temático y un detalle importante puede ser imprimir nuevas cartas para esta ocasión. Cambiar el nombre de los platos por otros más siniestros o espantosos y cambiar el color. Alimentos viscosos, con miembros amputados o bichos pero siempre con control, queremos que los clientes coman, no que se vayan con arcadas.

Ideas menú para halloweenIdeas menú para halloween


Da a conocer tu evento especial de Halloween e invita a la gente a que acuda disfrazada de algo terrorífico. También puedes organizar un concurso. Hacer una foto a cada cliente disfrazado a su llegada al restaurante, colgar las fotos en la página de Facebook del local y animar a los seguidores a votar al más terrorífico. Se puede premiar la imaginación de los clientes con una cena gratis en el restaurante para otro día.

Entorno misterioso

Iluminación tenue, es muy importante crear ambiente.

Iluminación para HalloweenIluminación para Halloween-calabazasIluminación para Halloween-lamparasEstas son algunas sugerencias para convertir tu restaurante en un lugar terrorífico en el que todos quieran estar. Solo es cuestión de echarle un poco de imaginación. Y tú, ¿qué has organizado para este Halloween?

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