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How to make the web more social a restaurant


Most restaurants already have a website and have moved their content offline to the online world, but today this is no longer enough, restaurants client is demanding other content, a much more truthful content, one whose origin is not the company but the customer.

Restaurants and Web

Thus, is very important to promote social content desde web you a blog you, integrating it within a common environment and get an easy way your visitors can know the contents of your red social and thus your community of followers potential to improve your SMR(Social Media Restauranting).

Here are three free and easy ways to turn your web environment in a more social environment and promote interactivity with your users I propose.

  • It helps to share your content

Using the buttons “share” of yours social networks, your visitors can transfer their social environment anything that looks interesting to them, and so share with your community of followers.

This action gives it enormous credibility to the message, because it is the user himself against their community becomes the spokesman for the content, promoting virality and also providing relevant content in a free form.

Look at the following example :


  • The number of followers

Adding icons of social networks around your web environment, You'll get easier access to your visitors to your social network and You will increase your followers.

If you are really working and believe in SMR(Social Media Restauranting) Put your icons in a very visible area of ​​your website or blog, What is noticed you care about your customers! I often find that are in the footer, hidden, dressed, sneaky, camouflaged, buried!…Are you hide your restaurant door?

Look at this example :


  • Incorporates social content on your website

One of the great opportunities that gives you the social content is included in web environments and get yourself apart from most websites restaurants are promotional or informative.

You can do it very easily, for example incorporating a video youtube O vimeo, You can also add a widget from twitter O facebook where your visitors will be able to interact and see your latest posts.


There are many other ways to socialize your web, But in my opinion, These are three simple actions and get better results, I hope you are helpful.

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