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How to make your restaurant more 'instagrammable'?


A statement as old as “A picture is worth a thousand words” is what puts, day by day, Instagram at the forefront. Where do you want to drive your audience? What inspires showing the customer what about your business? How can you make the Red adores your restaurant, build your customers with your best showcase images?

It is possible to achieve your purpose. If you want your audience to teach everyone what you like most about your local, the most cool, the most cookie… Here we will give some guidelines on how to make your business more instagrammable.

The visual can be shocking for several reasons, from color to smell through the form. Stimulate the sensory universe of your business is the main parameter to achieve our goal. In this way, Your client will want to definitely move what you are seeing and impact on the collective imagination of his followers.

To make it easier, we will stop in three focuses of your restaurant:

Design of physical space

What is the first thing the customer sees when entering the premises. Architecture and design of the restaurant never go unnoticed. Diners may have already had the opportunity to investigate Internet if the first time you go. If not, and you know where you are going, although there can always be some new element surprise you.

It is one of the strengths on which to work and, for this reason, we recommend a work of constant innovation to the extent possible and through small details.

Colors, the lighting, the forms… everything is on the retina of the client and, if he likes it, hits him or her strange, you will want to share it with the rest of the world. friendly designs, colorists, Naturalists and avant-garde, for example, succeed In the net.

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decorative objects and utensils

Any object, both decorative and useful kitchen and dining, play a crucial role. How How they are folded napkins, slogan and / or greetings company brand, cups, crockery, la carte menu… everything counts.

How they are arranged tables and chairs, and how they are decorated are also two strong points in this regard. All you can excel the ordinary It is potentially an image to Instagram.

Design, the forms, colors that surrounds the customer will find it more or less attractive, Y everything that catches your eye will be able to be photographed or videotaped and shared.

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The plate

In this new era where the relationship between client and business starts long before and taste the local food, the dish has not lost its relevance. It's more, It becomes the epicenter of social networks in gastronomy.

The visual charges a stratospheric dimension. The presentation the dish seems, Thus, fundamental.

How many times have we had to wait on a table for a diner shooting a dish before you start tasting? Here is the essence of the matter. What gets us to the stomach so eyes will be object of desire to share.

Thus, we can not fail to perform emplatado perfect, Whatever the type of food. The composition of the plate will be key for our customers wanting to share their experience.

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El postre, el rey

Podemos afirmar que las redes sociales tienen una preferencia por el que suele ser el último plato de una comida: el postre. Texturas, colores, formas. Instagram adora los postres; el efecto que provoca la imagen en quien los ve y cómo lo percibe. Es lo que un cliente quiere siempre transmitir a sus followers.

El postre se erige en las redes como el gran protagonista de la mesa. De ahí, la importancia de la presentación, de la composición del mismo y de la superficie sobre la que se sirve.


Hoy por hoy, no solo importa lo que comes. La apariencia, el valor de las redes sociales y el potencial de los millenials se posicionan como tres de los aspectos en auge de nuestra sociedad. De ahí la importancia de trabajar el formato audiovisual, que está ganando terreno al texto en el universo 2.0. Y es necesario trabajarlo en su conjunto, como un todo, sin excluir ningún detalle por irrelevante que nos parezca.

Una imagen o un vídeo viral puede convertirse en la mejor herramienta para atraer nuevos clientes. Ponte en el lugar de ellos, piensa qué podría impactarte, qué te gustaría enseñar a tus followers… y da rienda suelta a la creatividad.

Pero, sobre todo, no te olvides de interactuar con el usuario. Una vez que haya compartido en Instagram alguna imagen de tu local, hazle saber que te gusta o déjale algún comentario al respecto.

También las propias publicaciones, creando hashtags propios, de tu restaurante pueden empujar a los receptores a convertirse en clientes y, si ya lo son, a fidelizarles. Y recuerda, además, que los concursos y las promociones son un gran baza que cuenta a tu favor para publicitar tu local en las redes sociales.

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