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How to make a good market for a restaurant without paying a penny


To increase the perceived volume of business in a restaurant there are several methods: encourage larger orders, promote more expensive items or increase customer traffic in our local, among other possibilities.

The latter point is often one of the most contested because the implications are clear; The more guests that we address, more will box. Nevertheless, attract new audiences to our business is not a simple matter.

To try to solve this problem have arisen multiple companies specialized in evaluating which is the target of our establishment, what are their characteristics and interests, and how we can use this information to form a bond that will attract those who have not visited our classroom.

The main problem with these companies, popularly known as market analysis firms, It is that their services are not available to all the restaurateurs. No matter how beneficial it information obtained through market research properly executed by such professionals, it is impossible to achieve such information if the initial investment required is prohibitive. This is especially true in the case of novice restaurateurs who are investigating how to open his first restaurant without perishing in the attempt.

Thus, in this article we will follow the teachings of Amanda McCorquodale for conduct a market study aimed at the catering industry on our own, completely disregarding the services provided by third.

Although the results are not up to those obtained by a professional, the information is distilled from a basic study as any of us can do is enough clarification as to make significant changes in local with our business to the next level. level, once reached, recourse may allow us to market analysts renowned in principle we wanted to dodge.

Go for it.

Targets a market study

A good market is characterized by answering questions that provide great value to the restorer: What kind of customer is the one that attracts the business organically?, What are the dishes that would produce a better result with this clientele?, What the average income of the local based on which you can compare the growth or contraction of the business are?, What roads are in better information campaigns and recruitment?, What are propitious times for the restaurant business?…

To respond in the most reliable manner possible will need a database with accurate information and expertise on our clients. A) Yes, increasing records relating to individual customers directly corresponds to a more accurate representation of the reality of our local. It is therefore vitally important that we integrate all possible data in this emerging base macrodatos. In doing so, some trends may be apparent without being required further in-depth studies.

How to characterize the client type of restaurant

Deconstruct and categorize customers It is a skill that does not belong inherently to the field of restoration, but it is common to all professionals who undertake or managed companies. A) Yes, It is a skill that rarely adds value in the vicinity of the restaurant, and no clutch has a great power transformative for local from the economic point of view.

There is consensus that is not the same open a restaurant in a working class neighborhood and do the same in the wealthiest of a big city. Differences may begin to fade when we consider that each city is a complex system with many variables that modify the evolution of local society. And this is again evident if someone wants to publicize their local ethnic food; in a city with plenty immigration constantly exposed to the influences of different cultures success it will be more likely in a town where there is little international migration flow.

In this regard, the considerations that can be made are innumerable. So to start is preferable to draw conclusions from the customer base that has already obtained naturally. Of course, This is not possible when our restaurant is still a project on paper. In that case touches thoroughly studying the composition of the population wherever we go about to make the establishment, with special emphasis on the neighborhood where the physical location is located, because there will most visitors.

In addition to the purchasing and nationality of people living in the vicinity of the restaurant (this future), The following fields are also of interest restaurateur who is staying embarked on a market study: Mean age and demographic, marital status of the population, ability to extraordinary expense, predominant type of home ownership, level of education, the price of land for sale or rent, trends in local society, sales on food and drink, Most recruitment companies in the area of ​​influence of the establishment and traffic generators located in the vicinity (stadiums, cultural centers, exhibition buildings, etc).

Familiarize yourself with the target audience, their interests and needs

During a study of market prior to the opening of the local restoration, the best way to identify and characterize the target audience is visit a competing business in the same niche and take notes on diners that together there.

Data taken in situ They should be collated and folded together with information linked to the local: pedestrian traffic that passes in front of the establishment, number of dwellings in the environment, number of residents and types of families in the area, number of vehicles parked on the streets and the presence of garages or parking areas nearby, etc. These observations allow us clarify what the status socieconómico of the place, and perceive if the rival business is fully performing or if there is room for improvement.

Business competitors are a source of extremely valuable information for novice restaurateur. This is because during the exercise of their profession, entrenched restorers have had to adapt to the peculiarities of local society to provide excellent service to your target audience. A) Yes, It is quite possible that the letter, dishes, presentation, decor, Background music and try the service (to name a few aspects) have been carved after innumerable working days after the user experience on the local diners is unbeatable.

In addition to field experience can collect oneself, there are alternative ways to get extra information on some of the aforementioned indicators of interest. For example, real estate companies in the area can provide more data on the purchasing power of the neighborhood, floor prices, profile residents and others.

Another option is go to the INE offices to request statistical information on the town where our project is. From there you can get many additional data as the percentage of unemployed, labor sectors they belong to workers in the area and the like.

Only by considering all available data can compose a study sufficiently satisfactory market. For this reason it is not unreasonable to spend time Telematic surveys residents. For those restaurants that are already in operation, this is really effective if combined with some kind of discount or bonus granted by participating. Questions can provide simple and free way through a form Google Docs. A hiring this way we are using a very versatile tool that will benefit us deep into the interior provide us with the prospect of our potential customers.

How it fits the restaurant in the economic fabric, social and cultural development of the site

Some restaurateurs strive to adapt to local tastes and patents needs of the people of the place, however this does not have to result in a good business decision for the establishment.

At the opening a new restaurant or enhance the present one currently take into account not only what the tastes are the target audience, but it is also a priority to have a clear idea about how much competition in that niche will.

If the city in question is oriented restaurants copada certain niche, rather than compete directly for customers to steal business rivals, It may be more interesting to slightly modify our proposal so that it can introduce an original establishment with a unique competitive advantage. A clear example that we often find in large Spanish cities is the Japanese restaurants: When a customer wants to enjoy a plate of traditional sushi is a plethora of restaurants to choose from, however to eat sushi fusion style the range of options is much lower.

This is as a niche oriented the same restaurant that competitors can avoid being cannibalized by rivals.

In the event that you are planning to open a local first, saturation of the niche is a key point on which we must influence on the conduct market research. A good indicator from which distill the saturation level is know the number of catering businesses that have opened and closed for a period soon after. If a large number of businesses open but few thrive, This suggests that there is excess restaurants around.

When this occurs, no alternative but to find another niche or elsewhere. If you have not monitored the development of catering businesses in the area, this information can be obtained indirectly researching businesses that have gone bankrupt in the area, as well as the ups and downs in the official register.

Working towards a basic segmentation of the market

The target audience or potential customers is only a fraction of the total available market. But we should not rush to devote efforts to enlarge our customer traffic if you do not know the reason why the number of people who frequent our local is still lower.

Business Studies distinction is made between the total available market and the available market for service. The first refers to those individuals with an interest in consuming pertenecintes our niche products, while the second gives us an idea about the number of people we can reach an ideal situation.

The first step is to try to not turn the whole market clientele crazily, but make the appropriate changes to encourage those that reach our roads and move from being strangers to our local diners.

It is abundantly clear that will quantify the size of the available market for the service is vital. When do you need to consider moving the population in the city that accommodates the restaurant, and the area of ​​influence of our restaurant, which will vary greatly depending on whether fast food is served, casual dinners or fancy meal. Restaurants offer experiences gourmet They have a much greater magnetism, attracting customers within a 50 kilometers.

Balance between customers and rivals

To complete a study of basic market without investing a penny remains only infer what exists in our area balance between the target audience and catering businesses that compete with us directly in the chosen niche.

In the restoration industry competition is so brutal that each client account, Moreover taking into account the potential for Loyalty both pursued today.

to assess what would be our position in this web of interactions between business and customers you need to assess the advantages and disadvantages of local against which we argue diners. Do they have any advantage due to its location? Are there differences between menus or, Conversely, match? What are its defining characteristics? What makes them unique? ¿Prefer a diner the other restaurant for this reason? Do you provide delivery services or gathered in the local? Is there a place to park near the building where the business is located? What they are renowned among the population? Do they appear in social networks and aggregators reviews? In that case, What is the presence online emanating?

Questions one may ask in this regard are almost endless, and depend on the circumstances of each case. This is where market analysts shine against fans.

This does not mean that we can do a good job personally. Just consider that our study resulting market may suffer some omissions. Nothing to worry about when the services of a professional team are out of the scope of business.

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