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How to make a reservation at a restaurant through the voice with Siri


Today, customers have many ways to book a table in a restaurant, by phone, on the web, on the mobile web or app, through the online booking agencies, por twitter, By facebook, etc.

I present a new way to make a reservation that goes one step further, combining several of the above alternatives with a virtual intelligence system through the application Siri.

For those who do not know, Siri is a personal assistant that Apple is including the latest versions of its iOS system, allowing process language and answer questions that the user performs through its voice to the smartphone or tablet, although the true potential of this application is that over time you learn the user's tastes and makes personalized recommendations.

Currently Siri alone does not make the reservation for the customer, but integration with other platforms makes it much easier the process.

The best way to understand this is through this video, in which a customer is ready to make a reservation using Siri and one of the largest agencies online booking restaurants in the world, OpenTable.

The aim is to book a table for four people Wednesday 26 December at 7 pm.



What do you think about this new way to make a reservation at a restaurant?Do you think it is useful and simplifies the process?

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