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As “Internet of Things” and it affects restaurants


Internet of Things It is a reality that is growing every day fueled by technological innovations. Millions of Internet-connected devices with its own autonomy.

Undoubtedly, the restaurant industry is not out of this digital trend and increasingly are appearing more frequently new devices to the thread of this innovation.

A few months ago I shared an article in this digital newspaper under the title “2 Examples of how it affects Internet of Things to restaurants” which explained how this new phenomenon would affect restaurants.

I continued researching new occurrences of these applications within the sector and I want to introduce some of the latest innovations that I discovered.

4 based applications “Internet of Things” affecting restaurants


It is a sensor that is placed at the door of the restaurant and calculates the occupation of the establishment. This data is able to move to a application to inform customers of how many people are in the restaurant, in a coffee shop or in a pub before leaving home.

Density indicates the density of public establishment existing in a real-time. What It allows hoteliers to perform an optimized management the peaks and valleys of your business during different days of the week.

An accountant who has a direct impact on both customers and restaurant owners.


The purpose of this application is to seek a personalized customer experience at a restaurant through its musical tastes.

Synkick operation is very simple, when a customer enters a restaurant this app is able to connect and synchronize with other music applications like Spotify, Deezer o SoundCloud, among other, and meet customer musical preferences. Since then synchronizes music playlist restaurant customer favorite. Easy, fast and really amazing.

For the first time the client is able to digitally influence the atmosphere of the restaurant and customize it based on your tastes.


This American application is based on accepting that there is wage inequality in society caused by the difference of race and gender and tries to help resolve this discrimination.

Surely someone may be wondering What all this has to do with restaurants?

As well, Equitable divides the restaurant has a fairly among all diners fairly, synchronized with the data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US where these wage differences are reflected and therefore depending on gender and race the customer will pay more or less at the restaurant, those with higher salaries will pay more than those with a lower salary. You can also share via Twitter and Facebook you're helping to reduce wage discrimination.

If you are a privileged, that is to say, enjoy a high salary, will automatically add a surcharge on the bill to subsidize any food other person having an unfavorable position.

Hotschedules iot Platform

This is a very ambitious project that aims main objective is to connect all devices used in a restaurant to a digital panel that allows the optimization and control of all.

Restaurants increasingly will have more elements connected to Internet, all types, even thermometers, fryers, refrigerators and general machinery. This platform connects all these data sources to a digital system that lets you optimize its use in processes at a restaurant by organizing and managing your data. To transform them into actionable information, the restaurant can make decisions accordingly .

Experts predict that they will 26 billion devices connected to the Internet in the year 2020 and will extend to all levels of a company, from manufacture, the distribution, marketing, etc. All supported on a Constant innovation and a growing technological infrastructure.

We are facing a new challenge, new opportunities to become more efficient through the use of technology that will certainly also affect the restaurant industry.

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