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How real-time monitoring social networking can enhance the experience for diners


The monitoring in real time is a hot topic in the world of restoration. One avenue being explored is currently using biometry to analyze the reactions of diners.

Although the technology is still in its infancy, eventually it is possible to assess how successful was the deal of the restaurant staff with customers, quantify the satisfaction of diners with dishes and remove global estimates on the user experience of visitors.

This type of information is vital to the restorative as it allows you make informed decisions about different aspects of local: Is there someone to change the template and replace it with a better professional?, Is there any dish is not working as it should and it would be appropriate to amend the letter?, Is there any aspect of the establishment that bothers users and had not been previously considered?…

Nevertheless, for the moment, monitoring cameras, artificial intelligence and biometric systems analysis, although installed in some restaurants, are pioneering initiatives whose overall implementation will still take a few years to reach. That is to say, It is far from materializing in a business model.

Much simpler is the real-time monitoring of social networks of the users. With the sharp increase in reserves that make digital mode, and more specifically those made through platforms like Facebook, Instagram Twitter by chatbots; monitor the user experience at every moment can be a reality.

Many diners photographing their dishes, They share their experiences and label the places where they stop to taste the gastronomic delights offered. Of course, not all have to be positive: If the services provided by the restorer are not up, customers will not have unceremoniously when putting the business broth.

A) Yes, keep your eye as on the social networks of diners can be a great strategy marketing, or at least serve to deescalar a situation of nonconformity by customer.

This way they do at The Bar Room of The Modern, a restaurant run by Danny Meyer which has two Michelin stars. Located in New York City (OF. UU.) Sculptural overlooking the gardens Abby Aldrich Rockefeller of the MoMA, facility staff is not satisfied to contemplate the outdoor sculptures: a team of five people is responsible for monitoring real-time social networking Restaurant, the entries made by third parties and the comments made by customers.

This methodology can enhance their marketing efforts and reach more people with marginal extra effort. The strategy also helps them improve and personalize the user experience of those who pass by.

There is no better proof of this than it is said that the story lived by university professor Rachel Davis Mersey. While he is eating alone at very early hours he used to take a surreptitious picture of what was happening in the kitchen. To publish on social networks, the restaurant staff approached her to invite her to move to the kitchen table, where chefs were kept busy chatting and sharing their culinary skills with her.

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After the meal, Rachel rereleased on Instagram, this time with a big smile for the exclusive experience he had. This type of advertising online, characterized by authenticity and message honesty background, It has the greatest impact and mobilization capacity.

Equipment operation of new media Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group, The corporation to which belongs Modern, It has been praised in the press.

Real-time monitoring of social networking combined with a labeling strategy through specialized accounts gastronomy, kitchen, food and feed, and lifestyle, entertainment and dining. But this is not all. This same team is responsible for everything that has to do with the current promotions: from conception to jokes that often accompany the advertising message, through the artistic design and illustration.

Meyer, the restaurateur behind this initiative, is a strong supporter of the restaurant must be, as well as a place to enjoy food, a space for conversation. Following this doctrine, the five people who form the team dedicated to addressing the social networks also handle engage the audience. They do this by making conversation, responding closely doubts, concerns and questions, and thanking any praise they receive.

Real-time monitoring of social networks of customers is a logical evolution of a common reality in many high-end restaurants. These fancy restaurants is customary to make a Previous research of the person visiting the establishment: biographies, comments in social networks, news, social position ... Every detail counts to enjoy the experience to sit in the lounge is specially designed for the person concerned.

Keeping track of how it is developing the food is a derivative of immediacy change to which we subjected the new forms of communication. What was news before and cuchicheo, now are public messages written in our social networks at the touch of a button without apparent delay.

But getting this kind of attention in real time is not easy. He confesses the manager of digital marketing Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, Ben Turndorf, the methodology requires them to have more than 60 open accounts at all times. Control and manage so many profiles is not feasible even for the staunchest defender of multitasking. So to keep your sanity decided to place their trust in a software Social networking manager. The decision to opt for services Local Measure would be a success. Today, the team that manages Danny Meyer restaurants receive important notifications directly on your smartphone Work through Local Measure, eliminating the interactions that contribute nothing.

The team does not meddle beyond publicly available. There is no time to follow a holistic Diner, and into the world of espionage it is not what they want in this fancy restaurant. The ultimate goal is to establish meaningful connections with people visiting the salon. Listen and make diners feel they are part of the house is the way in which this is achieved.

Far from being inconvenienced, The Modern customers seem pleased with the care, as distilled from the reviews available online, which they are mostly positive. Undoubtedly the monitoring of social networking in real time is a strategy that could help more than a restaurateur to take your business to the next level of ultra-personalization. We will see this strategy more often in the future is unquestioned.

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