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How technology can help restaurants


Restaurants are increasingly aware of the importance of new technologies for the future of your business. Now is not enough to be the best chef, you also need to be innovative and use the latest technology available.

New Technologies and Restaurants

Fund 5 tips to learn how to turn technology into a good ally for a restaurant:

1.- Increased investment in new technologies

Currently the 16% restaurants invest at least 10% of their income on technology compared to what they did in 2014, when only 11% restaurants invested in this field. This increase highlights the importance allocate part of the profits of the enterprise to improve our ICT, since this investment will further gains in the future.

2.- Stop wondering what technology can do for you

It's time to take control of your business and start to wonder what innovation can bring my restaurant? The best way is to use technology to achieve your goals and differentiate.

Nothing good is to use a lot of Apps, making them available to consumers, then if these are not useful for the same. In this case we are using technology incorrectly because it does not meet the needs of our customers. Technological proposals are endless you have to select those that add value to the restaurant.

3.- Begins to wonder what is it you want to achieve?

Most important for a hotelier is your customer satisfaction, so, a major goal will be greater loyalty. For it the technology It can be very useful and help us meet the needs of new and old customers.

A good approach would benefit the repeat visitors to our establishment loyalty by creating applications that offer menus, delivery options, discounts, offers, payment service via mobile phone ... A number of amenities that will attract new customers and reward loyal.

4.- Invests in sustainability

It does not occur only in restoration, Today any business that does not invest in technology is becoming obsolete and out of the market. further, nowadays, people increasingly have a greater environmental awareness. Investing in technology can help us be more environmentally friendly and more sustainable.

This will attract to our business and socially conscious people can open up a new market that is being imposed, the sustainability. As a result of investing in technology, we can become more efficient and profitable in the future.

5.- It uses technology to innovate and differentiate

Investing in technology can give us the innovation that differentiates us from other restaurants. Gastronomy can also put technology at the service of diners. A clear example of this is Paco Roncero (2 Michelin star) and research workshop, where the concept was born Sublimotion. The chef combines the most innovative trends of gastronomy with the most advanced techniques in virtual reality. Sublimotion is the result of gathering food and entertainment.

A perfect tandem that has made its tasting menu is the most expensive in the world. Diners can enjoy tasting the best cuisine while being transported to an unknown virtual reality. A clear example where we can see that invest in technology not only sets us apart from our competition but makes us unique.

Innovation is one of the great challenges facing the restaurant industry. Not become obsolete It should be a priority in companies in the sector and this technology is our best ally.

We need to stop seeing it as an enemy to ally ourselves with it and thus unleash our creativity, innovate responsibly to give our customers what they ask us, We must not forget that today the customer is more digitized than the restaurant itself…Will you join the challenge?

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Gastronomical journalist dedicated to Communication. He loves restaurants and everything related to them. Morañega and citizen of the world that survives in Madrid to enjoy concerts featuring the capital.


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