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How to bring the restaurant experience to the customer's living room


With the end of the state of alarm, many Spaniards have recovered a certain normality in their lives. Nevertheless, we can't let our guard down yet. The virus that causes COVID19 still out there, maybe weakened by the UV rays that, coming from the Sun, in summer they bathe our lands. But ultimately, the danger persists and many citizens are aware of this in their daily decisions.

Consumption habits have changed with the coronavirus crisis. The isolation that was gradually making its way in our society has now picked up speed: social distancing is a necessity. If restaurants want to overcome the drift caused by the virus SARS-2 they will have to adapt to the new demands of consumers.

One of these needs that diners now profess most strongly is the preference to eat the delicacies prepared by their favorite restaurants in the comfort and safety of their home.. A controlled environment where they know that they will not come across any patient who can infect them and where they have control. A) Yes, the options for delivery are having great success in the last few months.

Orders online for home delivery of food they have been growing for years. Market analysts monitoring macro trends in the catering sector predicted that growth would continue until 2023 at the current rate, located around the 10% annual. Nevertheless, the pandemic has accelerated everything. The population is more receptive than ever to receiving food at home, and restaurants, attentive to changes in the market, they have reacted quickly adding to this new wave of mobility in the sector. Many of the businesses that had lagged behind have now turned to food delivery companies or their own fleets to offer this service, which is so much in demand in the difficult times we have lived through..

With the coronavirus crisis we are not only seeing requests for pickup, car pickup or home delivery, cases all of them habitual for a long time in the world of catering. Also appear at this precise moment some novel alternatives that draw attention. It is the case Take a Restaurant.

At Take a Restaurant they don't want to limit themselves to bringing food to their clients' homes, they want they can enjoy the full restaurant experience, with the waiter's attention included. The concept is new, but it derives from an idea that has been running for a long time. Take a Restaurant is the logical evolution of Take a Chef, a service that appeared eight years ago by Rubén López and Galder Kabiketa, that puts the professionalism of highly qualified chefs in the hands of clients to create a unique culinary experience. With Take a Chef they have already offered a quarter of a million meals, and with the new project they want to spray this brand.

Take a Restaurant works exactly as anyone might think. When browsing the application, the user has the possibility to examine various establishments, check what they offer, what are their menus, the style of your meals and who prepares them. All information is clearly stated, concise and detailed so that the potential client does not have difficulties in selecting the place that best suits their personal preferences, to the event you are organizing at home or to the tastes of the companions.

The usability of the website is magnificent and with just a few clicks you can confirm the reservation, with date, place and time. That's when the true magic of Take a Restaurant begins.. When the appointed date arrives, one hour before the planned lunch or dinner begins, the human team of the entire restaurant travels to the client's house, equipped with all kinds of kitchen material: crockery, cutlery, pots, irons and various tools that will be used to create the dishes already at the home of the person who hires them.

With this, three fundamental objectives are achieved.

On the one hand the food is freshly made and served plated at the moment, reason why no glimpse of cooling is perceived, moisture or other problems that can occur when packing take-away orders.

On the other hand it is achieved a unique experience that works both as entertainment for diners present and as a claim for future customers. Efficient work, organized and meticulous cooks offers a show worthy of admiration, and being able to enjoy live the ease with which these professionals carry out their activity is one of the main reasons why Take a Restaurant is working very well.. Clients feel they have access to an exclusive and hidden part of the process, and they greatly value being able to see the dance of the frying pans and knives engrossed.

Finally, It is undeniable that at present a large number of orders are due to the need to enjoy the food and service of the best restaurants from home., which minimizes the chances of contagion that can occur during de-escalation.

To make the meal a success, the waiters who serve customers offer all kinds of services, from additional information on the dishes to in-depth cleaning of the rooms where they have been operating, going through pairing recommendations and interactions with kitchen staff. A whole experience that goes far beyond simply savoring the dishes prepared by someone skilled in gastronomic tasks.

Rubén López and Galder Kabiketa's Take a Restaurant bet is an example of how even in difficult times the restaurant world manages to reinvent itself to survive. We have no doubt that in the coming months we will see many other promising projects in the same direction..

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