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How mobile and Apps will influence Restaurants


Internet browsing I found this interesting infographic based on the impact they are having mobile apps(App) Y smart phones(smartphones) in the restaurant industry in the United States.

The author is an American company called Restaurant Engines, which is dedicated to the development and sale of mobile applications for restaurants.

First of all I want to make clear that I do not know the origin of the data and the reliability thereof.

To highlight the most interesting findings of this infographic I have “I chopped” in 7 parts that happened to comment :

1º.- We all know that social media, smartphones or smart phones and mobile applications have had an impact on all sectors in recent years, and the restaurant industry is no exception.

2º.- Sales growth of smartphones between 2009 Y 2010 It has been spectacular, a 72%!, In my opinion, heavily influenced by massive acquisition device type iPhone Y BlackBerry.

But look more interesting than data, he 87% of smartphone owners use to surf the internet and visit websites, and of these 68%, more than a half, They give a daily use. Thereby becoming a standard tool, moving from a novel concept to a useful function.

He 75% use your phone to visit the social networks, revises its twitter, on Facebook, google +, etc., allowing full mobility to the user without having to be in a particular physical location, or behind a computer screen.

According to this study, and transferring the data to a restaurant, a bad review on social networks would cost the restaurant for a loss 30 diners, this fact in my opinion is very nuanced by many factors.

3º.- More than half of smartphone users, a 51%, It is more interested in going to a restaurant, if it has a specific mobile site. It is very important to bring a mobile application of our restaurant in a global positioning strategy and profitability on the Internet.

In the United States there are very few restaurants that have developed a mobile application specifies, specifically only 4'8%.

4º.- The following data are inconclusive, he 80% internet searches information and restaurant reviews to which you are visiting for the first time, but is the 88% of those who seek a restaurant online they visit the same day, why are fundamental two concepts, the mobility of information and timing, Regarding the first is to find the information you need on the Internet regardless of where you find, and with respect to timing is that “moment” point that we need that information, ask two basic concepts for a draft web application of our restaurant.

5º.- The infographic highlights some content that we could give our mobile web, but I advance that soon write a post about the content you have to have a mobile application for a restaurant.

Customers could comment on your experience at our restaurants, and we could hang the card or a menu for a special day, information about events held and even ordering food to go and pick it up later in the restaurant, a map to locate your restaurant, opening and closing days, etc.

6º.-A real case is the App of restaurant chain Chipotle with about 750.000 downloads.

The application allows customers to place orders online, here are some screenshots and the link to download : Chipotle Ordering

7º.- Finally it makes an introduction to the QR codes, which will soon I will make a post, since in Japan they are being widely used in the restaurant industry.

QR codes pose as a very interesting way, offering added value to customers visit, from various forms such as the installation of the App, web link them with Restaurant, provide information about special offers and promotions, access to contact information and some details about the restaurant.

14 million mobile users in the US scanned a QR code on your smartphone in June2011.

My conclusions :

To do a reflection on the importacia to position our business on the Internet, not only in web or social networks, but also on mobile devices through mobile applications or App.

Those restaurants that put up these strategies will have a competitive advantage over those who do not. We are at a time when customers have become much more selective and require the information at the time, where and how they choose.

Mobile has become an item that we carry everywhere and that the information found therein is being decisional our choice of purchase.

It is producing an interesting effect on smartphone users, before going to any restaurant, seeking comments, critics, photos and even recommended by other customers in the restaurant dishes, then decisively influence your choice.

According to a study by the company ComScore in Spain there are over 10 million smartphones at the moment and it is anticipated that in the world has more than 1.700 million smartphones in 2014… important, true?

To finish and give you a close look of this study , I would like to comment on the restaurant mobile app El Rancho Madrid, although at the moment it is under development. On the one hand those customers who come into this application will be able to find details Restaurant, and more than 800 reviews from other customers that their experience in the restaurant. It has also added an element of action and interesting channel promotion, all users who make a reservation for the mobile application gets a discount of 10%.



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