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How new habits, fashions and trends pose great opportunities for hospitality businesses


The digital age we live in has led to a breeding ground for all sorts of new catering business. The rate at which exchanges of information and digital presence of people succeed makes trends expand at high speed creating market niches previously nonexistent that often remain untapped for long periods of time until some insightful mind observes the possibility of capitalize on new needs of any social group.

Health, fashion and ethics are the three main catalysts such niches. Sometimes special diets and food allergies are triggered. At other times it is reaffirmed to feel part of a group with its own identity.

When mealtime becomes a hell because there is no place to preserve our customs, when we are forced to cook at home and restaurants relegate to the background, when we know that we are not alone and that others suffer similar circumstances; so, we know that it is possible to create a catering business for a certain niche market good economic projections and based on providing added value through service provided.

Case study: Picnik brand specializing in restoration and healthy eating

An opportunity like this the detected Naomi Seifter by Beyond 2013. Naomi followed a healthy diet that forced him to use the kitchen at home. I had no choice. The letters of the restaurants in Austin (Texas, OF. UU.) They posed a string of dishes to discard it did not observe the rules of the paleo diets and ketogenic she aunaba.

Naomi also knew that the city had interest in healthy products, and that athletes and conscious people their health were willing to pay the necessary price to consume as selected products as pure cocoa butter or bone broth, nothing simple items to obtain in the region.

Despite initial reluctance, Seifter convinced herself that the project could work. The decision to set up a small stall healthy meal took the view that formed long queues to buy natural smoothies 13 dollars the unit in a nearby local.

His first restaurant business was more than modest. Some might call it tacky even. But at that time Naomi had no more money to buy a intermodal container used, which he adapted to incorporate a kitchen in which it began selling healthy products that siguiesen strictly the guidelines stipulate the paleo diet and the ketogenic diet.

How it has passed Fichknik -so it called local- to be a mere container of goods that had been granted a second life to be a business composed of multiple fronts?

Today, Picnik is not just a catering business in Austin. A second container elsewhere in the city, but also a physical location in which the same food policy continues, a section in Whole Foods 365 the Upland (California, OF. UU.) and a product line They marketed to corporate cooperation Whole Foods, now a subsidiary of Amazon.

This brutal growth in five years has only been possible due to the resonance between Naomi concerns and worries experiencing a not inconsiderable segment of the population. Recall that the paleolithic diet caused a furor two years ago and diet keto (high protein) It has hovered around our homes for many decades under different names.

Apart from buenrollismo the owner of Picnik wakes up in his clientele, the manager has made extensive use of social networks to amplify the effect. First lighthearted way through the RR. SS., especially for Instagram, specializing in sharing images and attracting the attention of curious platform. Followers of the two special diets came to Picnik like moths to a candle. Did not exist, nor had in mind that there, digital marketing plan. But when benefits began to allow, Naomi established a partnership with a company specialized in business promotion digital signature and audiovisual content production for websites and blogs, Content Gipsy.

"We had takeaways selling states at the point of sale of our trailer, and although the quality of the food was high, It did not lend itself precisely to change. The changes are very important in the field of healthy food, because customers have many allergies, preferences or different sensitivities; and it is important to be able to provide a service aimed at those individuals. If you really wanted to be inclusive and offer good food, He would have to do in the vicinity of a restaurant "Naomi recalled in his interview for Samantha Shankman of Change Table when he was asked by the moments before the opening of its physical location.

At this time, Picnik enjoys a buoyant situation, all thanks to have come to occupy a space unattended in the catering industry at the right time.

Catering business oriented other fashions and trends

Technological innovations of the digital age not only create connections, also disconnect. Young natives in the Internet age, social networks, personal computers and mobile phones have categorically different interests the generation of their parents.

The typical scene of gang celebrating a soccer goal of any team in the bar area can be found soon at most endangered snowy plover a. If anything unites our youth and has increasing impact on society are video games and associated subcultures: the gamers.

In Spain we had a benchmark that did not achieve its objective, GGWP the Bar & Restaurant where the hamburger joined in true Yankee style video games, the streamings and the e-sports.

Despite the sad end of matritense restaurant (and any other around the world, such as the famed EXP Bar + Restaurant), such premises appear like mushrooms everywhere.

Many of them capitalized on nostalgia of the arcades of the eighties, joining recreational machines consumptions. It is the case Rec Room Toronto. Others link the old classics to the newest on the market. So does the Video Game Bar Space Station de Osaka. Some bet even pull the new stars of the competitions videojueguiles may have. The Kappa Bar Stockholm (city ​​renowned throughout the world for its stage indie dev) Clashes retransmitted via Twitch on their screen size XXXL. In any case it is a mixture tasting, entertainment and spectacle.

Not only hobbies and fun living humans. For a large part of the population social responsibility and ethics is something very important. That is why the vegan movement continues to gain traction each year. Animal rights and benefits with regard to emissions of carbon dioxide are often among the reasons these diets.

Of course, vegan establishments demand has not gone unnoticed by many restaurateurs. It is the case Gigi pizzeria Marco Matino, located in Sidney (Australia).

In 2015, to be sensitized with animal cruelty still exists in many farms and slaughterhouses, they decided remove meat products from its menu. Somewhat unconventional and nothing simple. Although at first the answers were mixed (including fanatics who threatened to harm the business or boycott), Two years later benefits increased by 27%, while food costs were reduced by a tenth.

It is not an isolated case. As it is well known vegans are intransigent in their food requirements and do not grant to traditional restaurants. Therefore there is a high volume of people who do not have a suitable place to go if you decide not to eat it at home. There is no better example than Nick’s Kitchen de Dali City (California, OF. UU.), Filipino food restaurant that was struggling to pay both staff and suppliers. In a purely commercial decision, They put aside the flesh and became a vegan Local. What at first it seemed a step taken in desperation became a blessing: revenues increased tenfold, and although costs also increased, net benefits multiplied by 2.5.

Business opportunities are manifold. In recent years the restaurants offering some Additional experience purely organoleptic They have experienced remarkable growth. These are called Theme restaurants.

So that, If you have an idea with which to make an impression that lasts diners, it has a business model capable of generating interest and benefits. Examples of themed restaurants offering good food and more are:

The possibilities are virtually endless, and to take advantage of them just have to assess whether the opening of the premises is viable. At this very moment there will be tens, if not hundreds, of helpful ideas that nobody has decided to deal. For those more adventurous restaurateurs, the question is: Is there a critical mass of interested? That is the main difficulty of establishing one of these successful local.

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