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How to improve the strategy in a restaurant Instagram Stories


Since the birth of Snapchat in September 2011, other social platforms have struggled to have their own tool to allow users to relay their lives in real time. Stories Instagram has made in this regard, one of the most successful attempts. It is an easy to use extension, which basically it does the same thing as Snapchat, even including the possibility of superimposing images and text, but now the leading platform, and if we talk about food and restaurants: Instagram.

This social network remains a key element and of the most influential in all marketing strategy for a company in the sector food. If you're not yet familiar with this tool, It's time to learn.

How does Instagram Stories?

The Stories are incredibly easy to use. Simply clicks on the sign “+” at the top left of the feed, and you're ready to take a picture or record a video, as you would in Instagram. You can also upload a video or photo that you have stored on your phone. There are options for subtitling images, as well as add emoji, or tag other users. You can shoot several scenes for stringing her story, as is often done in Snapchat. further, after 24 hours, history disappear.

Tips for a successful restaurant Instagram Stories

On the treatment of content

Although it may look a lot, not used as Snapchat. You think Instagram stories as if in a slightly more refined version were. While the content live Snapchat leans more toward the casual and "unfiltered", the Stories tend to be much more polished and edited. This is the ideal platform for a magnificent sighting video the sunset from the restaurant, or a series of photos well-lit touring the tasting menu.

It is perfect for the best presentation of your menu

The content is fresh, and it has a greater aesthetic treatment in Snapchat. But neither is a TV show, It is made to upload content short and easy to digest. People have to be able to understand the message you are trying to convey in a few seconds, so you should not overcomplicate.

Can use it to introduce new menu items your restaurant. You know what there is nothing like better than to see images of good food dishes on Instagram. Some photos of new dishes on the menu accompanied by a few words of chef, It is ideal.

Use it to tutorials

further, while Instagram is executed based on an algorithm that determines which stories appear in your feed, Instagram Stories is purely chronological. Which means it is an ideal tool to push timely content to your audience.

Instagram Stories es perfect for tutorials show how to prepare a dish or combine. Start with an empty plate and still taking pictures while adding new elements. All together, It will look like a GIF!

Shows the "backstage"

Customers love to take a look beyond, and see how restaurants work. Use this application to publicize the back of your kitchen, or to introduce your employees. Diners want to know that you're having so much fun in the kitchen and the dining room, because it incites to think that they are also fun at your local.

Share content of your blog

Have you recently written an article about a dish or product you want to emphasize? Share this content on a history of Instagram. You can do a series of five photos of the five best red wines that will serve this season, or a "step by step" how to make your most famous salad dressing. If you're a verified user, You can even link to the article directly from history. Otherwise, You can just put it in your biography of Instagram.

Take the opportunity to make deals 24 hours

Take advantage of the stories of Instagram last only one day to publish a special offer, as a free mini dessert, with a 20% off with a funny photo, encouraging users to make a visit, before it is too late.

Definitely, it seems that with Instagram Stories, This social network has become the perfect place to record the history of some restaurants, who have managed to find in this environment, a marketing tool decisive to be released.

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Article by the editorial team of DiegoCoquillat.com. It has professionals both in the field of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism, and new technologies and innovation.



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