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How to improve restaurant sales at Christmas


We are facing one of the most important times of the entire year in restaurants and hospitality in general.

On Christmas sales increase in restaurants, reaching achieved between 15% and the 30% of the total turnover of the whole year.

They are very marked dates and customers expect special treatment by their confidence restaurants.

In my opinion there is a vital aspect at this time, which is attracting new customers. There are many clients who will visit a restaurant for indirect reasons, that is to say, they have not decided, but they are part of a group, It can be a company dinner, the family of friends. Loyalty is vital to those customers who happened to go to the restaurant, They are what I call the “Christmas customer”.

Christmas and Restaurants

In addition there are many people on vacation, which it has more free time than at other times and possibly have more willingness to visit new restaurants.

This year will have some peculiarities caused by the use of technology is that a very high percentage, above the 50%, of Spanish Internet users will resort to the internet or social networking to find a restaurant, and of those one a significant percentage will be conducted through your smartphone or smartphone.

Therefore, two of the keys to the success of your Christmas season are the visibility and the attracting new customers.

Here you have some ideas to improve these two aspects:

  • Use an emotional language, you connect with your customers and with the Christmas spirit these dates, but with direct proposals, concrete and…a good price!
  • AdWords used to perform some off campaign, That will allow you to improve your ranking in searches that users perform on Google.
  • Make mailing campaign complimenting your customers and proposing an action, as a reserve, see a special dish you've prepared, the menu New Year's Eve, etc.
  • Create new products for these dates and give this Christmas touch your customer expects, You can also promote them in improving your social networks SMR (Social Media Restauranting).
  • They are days when many people ask takeaways your favorite restaurants, but not your core business, Ask yourself to that service.
  • Deliver a special gift for your best customers, Note that you care, It is the perfect time to do these things and strengthen their loyalty.
  • Be prepared your proposal for children, They are the protagonists of Christmas and so have to be at your restaurant. Children have a decisive influence on the choice of parents.
  • Performs an original video of your restaurant, upload it to your YouTube channel and promote it on social networks. The videos are positioned well in search engines and will give visibility.
  • One of the most popular gifts at this time are gift cards, There are many restaurants and offer.
  • Give value “Christmas customer” and offer some benefit or special promotion to return after the holidays, You can use the QR codes.
  • Make a contest and interact with your followers twitter Y facebook, at this time people have more time to participate in social networks.

Sure some of these ideas will help you improve your Christmas campaign, and allow you to finish this year so complicated with hope and optimism.

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