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How to display inside a restaurant with Google Business Photos


The day 1 from December to 2011 published in this blog an article under the title “Google wants to show inside restaurants” which said a pilot project in which Google was working in some countries like the United States, Japan and Australia that was to include panoramic images of the inside of the establishments, with the same technology used in Street View, my interest is focusing restaurants.

As well, last July, Google confirmed the expansion of this program to four more countries : Spain, Italy, Denmark and Sweden.

In Spain the application is called “Photos Business” (Google Business Photos) and is a service included in Google Maps and Google Place allowing restaurants who wish, showcase your business, because users will be able to take a virtual tour of 360 degrees inside these.

This is the video presentation:

The process for this new service is very simple, you just have to hire a Google Trusted Photographer offering the service in your area to be responsible for carrying out the photos, create panoramic images and, this same, He is responsible for uploading them to “Photos Business”, bringing in a few days you will have the service fully available.

In addition and as I have been able to investigate, Google no percentage of economic agreement is not carried photographer, enhance its benefit passes such quality content and integrate into other services, so also you will be helping local photographers.

Click on the image to access list of authorized by Google photographers in Spain:

Google Business Photos para restaurantes

Here you have 3 examples of restaurants that are already using :

the Sureña (Benidorm)

Restaurantes que utilizan Google Business Photos

The Alchemist (Salamanca) via FotoEloy.com

Un ejemplo de un restaurante que utliza  Google Business Photos

the Date Palm (France)

Google is starting to complete the comprehensive service that offers its users, especially to potential customers of the restaurants, since you can now find a restaurant and opinions of this through your browser, geolocalizarlo through Google Maps, visit the street or around via Google Street View and you can access virtually directly to the restaurant through Google Business Photos.

Finally I would like to reflect, on the one hand, it is clear that a service like this restaurant improves visibility incorporating professional images that are always a competitive edge, enhance other Google services and is also a useful promotional tool to attract new customers who are attracted by the image of the restaurant.

But on the other hand, you also need to start making an individual reflection of where the limit to show for a restaurant, Is it necessary to teach in detail the chair you're going to sit, the floor you're going to tread, The lamp will be illuminated, the tablecloth where you're going to eat? etc.. sometimes, we can lose the customer, that magical moment of surprise that occurs when you go to many restaurants and you discover the enveloping component elements of that environment without having to bring all learned from home.

Do you think it is useful Google's new tool for restaurants?

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