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Like going from being a brand to be a "Lovemark"


The dream of any entrepreneur or marketing expert is to create a "brand" that awakens passion, I desire and becomes a “myth”. That is to say move from being a brand to be a lovemark.

Turn your brand into a Lovemark

"The brand" comprising the product, corporate image, the presentation of the establishments, the quality, customer service and of course, this positioning and the overall performance of the company.

But "brand" it is also the attitude of employees, their dress, If they smile, personalized attention and even knowledge employees have about the product. As of course the customer experience.

For long-term success, there should be consistency among all brand attributes creating a positive image strong. A lovemark is one brand that has been able to woo customers. Create products and experiences able to build emotional bonds, deep and lasting with the client. Something essential nowadays in the restaurant industry.

There are countless brands in the world, but very few can be classified as lovemark. It is clear that any employer would love to pass our company to be "brand", be a lovemark. So if you are looking for that milestone, it is time to reflect.

If you're one of the winners has come out of this crisis that has accompanied us these past seven years, it's time to bet on MARCA, strategy work, growth and why not, think big and focus our efforts to become a lovemark.

These are the 7 keys that have in common the brands considered lovemark and we can guide get, and although it is not easy everything is possible!:

  1. They all started as micro-enterprises and have had a real entrepreneur he believed fervently in their idea.
  2. They have managed to draw a differentiated business strategy. Having very clear mission, vision and values ​​of the company and its transmission to their teams and abroad.
  3. They have made the mark is a reference and have equipped “emotional value”.
  4. All have transmitted their value and make it unique experiences.
  5. The key is that They have managed to retain their customers making them irreplaceable.
  6. Almost all of them agree that They have overcome major crises and they have come out of them strengthened.
  7. All have become aspirational brands that endure over time.

According Kevin Roberts, international creative guru, define Lovemark como:

"Creating products and experiences that are able to build deep and lasting emotional bonds with consumers inspire loyalty beyond reason ".

a way to understand what a lovemark It is to analyze how a consumer would feel if the mark disappear. I personally come to the Coca-cola head, Collation, Nike, BMW, the F.C. Barcelona…, any of you sure that other brands like Fnac, Ikea, Google, for many famous Barbie, and for example for my son, and sure for many others, Mcdonald’s, Playmobil and for him, so it is "The Mafia". He loves to eat his plate of pasta with tomato, or a pizza which he said is "the best", Mafiosi painting dolls, play in the APP and go with a balloon.

That's get "passion beyond reason that". Their emotional ties beyond reason, so this emotional and unique experience makes for the "brand" has become his lovemark.

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Founder and CEO of The mafia sits at the table, Italian franchise restaurants near 40 establishments in Spain.


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