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Best Christmas cards of our favorite chefs # Feliz2018


The Social networks allow us to stay connected information on accounts that we continue, almost instantly. Thanks to that, we have seen how they spent Christmas these days the various chefs and professionals in the hospitality industry that most interest.

One of them has inevitably been present for all of us, regardless of social networks. This is because Alberto Chicote He has been with the presenter Cristina Pedroche Chimes program through this year,. Madrid, girlfriend of fellow chef David Muñoz, It has become an icon of change in the last five year, And it seems, Chicote is the perfect counterweight to the freshness of the young hostess, that every year causes great hype the dress she chooses to present this space.

On the other hand, Jordi Cruz Y Carlos Arguiñano, We congratulated the holidays and wished a happy new year in a more sober way. As usual, Arguiñano claimed their land up a video where you could see the wonderful natural landscape surrounding. Meanwhile, Jordi Cruz congratulated his followers the new year with a pretty picture on Twitter. Paco Roncero meanwhile did from the marathon in New York, David de Jorge and sausage, Arzak, adriá… they all wanted to congratulate the parties on their social profiles.

As you can see, our favorite chefs They have fired 2017 and welcome this new 2018 con mucha fuerza positiva, full of work and good wishes for the coming year.

We leave you with a review of publications that these chefs put to congratulate the holidays and the New Year through their profiles on social networks.

Tweets congratulating the year of the most prominent chefs in the country

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