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How to promote a restaurant with a sense of humor in crisis


Hace unos días me encontré con el siguiente vídeo que comunicaba la apertura de un nuevo restaurante de cocina española llamado PALé en el complejo Silk Social Space de Madrid.

El vídeo está basado en un lema que está muy de actualidadInvest in Spain is crazy“, dando una visión divertida y diferente de la heroicidad que supone abrir un restaurante en estos momentos en nuestro país.

Also they appear popular characters like Santiago Segura @SSantiagosegura, José Mota @JoseMotatv, Fernando Tejero @fertejerom, Juan Ramón Lucas @JuanraLucas, Fernando Romay

Aquí tenéis el vídeo:

PALé es un restaurante español que nace con el objetivo de rescatar las recetas de siempre, but without compromising design, also has been decorated being environmentally friendly, using natural materials and illuminated organically.

If you want to know more about this restaurant you can log into your site:

No one can deny that we are experiencing a difficult time in the country in general and in the restaurant industry in particular, there are many who have closed and others are reinventing themselves to find their place in this new market, but we must not forget that every crisis brings new opportunities for those who can take advantage.

What do you have? Is it better to take it with a sense of humor? Would you open a restaurant at this time?

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