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How to Promote a restaurant using Instagram and get more Stories 20.000 comments


Instagram Stories It has become an important marketing tool for businesses today. More than a year after they appeared on the social network photographic excellence these little videos or gifs few seconds, we can say that all social networking strategy of any hotelier should take into account Instagram, and much of the blame for this, It is of Stories.

If we will discuss in this article it is the implementation of a marketing strategy based on Instagram Stories by one of the most important chain of restaurants specializing in USA tex-mex cuisine, burritos and tacos, Chipotle, It has also been more than successful.

Chipotle campaign on Instagram cheese Stories

In fact It has achieved a conversion ratio 70%, which is rare in any marketiniana strategy. This way and 100 Photos cheese accompanied by direct messaging, account of the chain founded in 1993 a Denver, He changed the overnight appearance of your Instagram profile. What lies behind this mystery?

Chipotle Mexican Grill has erased almost completely the content of your Instagram profile to leave only a few pictures of ¿cheese? So is. After receiving some criticism on Twitter about the quality of their cheese, the brand, with the help of neoyorkina Marketing Agency Day One Agency It has been launched to give a twist to the image that users can have their cheese.


So that, with Instagram account completely renovated and focused this time on cheese, Chipotle has launched its profile through a contest offering a year of free cheese for five users who correctly answer a series of questions and perform certain actions as a game.

As part of the campaign, Chipotle created a history divided into Instagram 100 pieces, all they are giving a major role to its cheese. Once users were clicking on each and every one of the stories, They were asked to send an encoded with a string of emojis profile of the brand's message, as a last requirement to enter the contest. According to official sources Mexican food chain, this action achieved a completion rate between 70 and the 75%.

Welcome to the #QuesoCup. Today’s challenge is a test of speed. First person to comment the letters Q-U-E-S-O in five consecutive comments without interruption wins a year of free queso. . And…go. . . . NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends 9/29/17. Must be legal U.S./D.C resident, 18 or older. Void where prohibited. Rules: chipotle.com/quesocup

A shared publication of Chipotle (@chipotlemexicangrill) he

As an example, one of the challenges, Mark asked its users to observe the differences between two pictures of chips and cheese sauce Chipotle published using the format Instagram gallery. Another asked followers on Instagram account to comment five times in a post to explain the word cheese, generating a total of 21.800 comments and more 100.000 visits video accompanying the publication.

While several brands, restaurants or clothes like Adidas or Nike have put the batteries with Instagram Stories, Chipotle campaign It stands out for its creativity and simplicity. It is a very smart way to attract users to nothing more and nothing less than 100 images of promotional content for your brand.

the maelstrom instagramer It has attracted companies

It makes just a few weeks, we could read on the American online media www.adweek.com Instagram exceeded 800 million users, against the 700 million that had in April 2017. Growth of photographic social network is unstoppable and restaurants or food-related businesses are assuming a true bastion on which support their digital marketing strategy.

the maelstrom instagramer It has attracted companies, so much so that US companies are already using Instagram Twitter. If we can also observe cases with a completion rate as high as that achieved Chipotle strategy, its success can not have limits.

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