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How mobile marketing can help your restaurant


It is difficult to go outside without finding a lot of people who are looking at the screen of your smartphone. Mobile marketing offers customers personalized and relevant information through their smartphones at the time and place they need it.

According to a survey, he 75% Americans recognize looking at their mobile phones in the bathroom. Restaurants are one of the 'products’ most wanted and the 45% of users smartphones use mobile search daily. further, It must take into account other important statistic: Americans use about 162 minutes, that is to say, more of 2 hours a day, their mobile phones.

Is the time think of a mobile marketing strategy for your restaurant.

 Mobile marketing offers customers personalized and relevant information through their smartphones at the time and place they need it.Colure.co

Even if you think that SMS or text messages are deprecated, son one of the tactics mobile marketing more accessible and better results achieved. They allow you to connect with potential customers through a device that they always have at hand.

Through mobile marketing generate conversions of visitors into customers, which then become recommenders, increasing the commitment and getting a real return on investment.

If you used SMS campaigns and have not seen results may not have taken into account some of the key factors. I'll show the most common reasons for a SMS campaign fails and we do not get an ROI or positive return on investment.

SMS, one tactic mobile marketing more accessibleQr2coupon

The mobile marketing campaigns have grown 800 percent in recent years, but those that are specific we do not work, each message has to connect with the target audience for each restaurant. This will entail more work but give better results.

If the offers or promotions the restaurant spread by SMS They are not attractive enough or messages lack a call to action, you will not get a large number of conversions. And, for example, SMS campaign does not direct users to a mobile site restaurant is almost impossible to convert visitors into customers, that is to say, if we want to produce a profit campaign, it is to get a customer, we must make it easier for users to perform the action, make it easy booking online, the visible menu or phone number.

Another mistake is not setting aside a little view and analyze campaign performance. In this case it is important to use URLs rastreables with marketing text messages, so we can deepen the analysis and thus repeat what works in upcoming campaigns. Always use trackable URLs with text message marketing.

Each message has to connect with the target audience for each restaurantThe Odyssey

Five important factors in your mobile campaigns:

1. Segmenting your database

Have a list of recipients and have sent an SMS to the entire whole list do you practice sounds? If so, You have drastically limited the return on investment. As with any other form of communication or advertising, It is essential adapting the message to the audience segments.

If you celebrate a family night focused on children, It does not make sense to send the SMS to promoting a young couple without children, try to reach parents. Messages addressed to a particular sector achieved good results. This also requires, Of course, meet our clients.

2. Take advantage of how well it works to put a time limit

There is nothing like a LTO (limited time offer) to boost sales, some style Black Friday waves limited-time offers Amazon. If you're launching a new menu or holding a certificate or recognition you have given, will be best to send an SMS offer a few days before a special incentive expires at a time. Research shows that coupons sent via SMS are 10 times more effective than e-mailed coupons.

3. It generates a good visual impact

They are called text messages, yes, but you need something else to make it attractive. Restaurant incorporates videos, pictures of your menu, SMS campaigns for generate buzz (noise) and getting good recognition of your brand. Combining visual ads with SMS campaigns can generate a great return on investment because customers have a better response to visual stimuli.

4. Shows commitment to your customers

Do not leave everything in the hands of automation or transactional messages, you have to provide an opportunity for customers to interact with the brand and participate. For this we should have a person to manage social networks and communication business, must have a strategy to interact with customers and that they feel heard and cared.

This can grow the ROI exponentially, will strengthen the brand-consumer relationship and generate value by word of mouth.

5. Make use of promotion

Are you announcing your SMS campaigns diners found on the premises? If not, You're making a critical mistake because this is one of the best ways to fidelizarlos. Must encourage customers to have multiple contact points with the restaurant or brand. Contact points at the restaurant, on your website, through your social media profiles.

Take advantage of SMS campaigns for consumers to get greater discounts on your restaurant, for sitting directly identified and 'special’ with that campaign.

Sitio web responsive

An important step, sometimes overlooked, is that the website It must be adapted to be easy and convenient to view on a mobile device, that is friendly to mobile devices. According to a study, if a smartphone user enters a website and are frustrated with navigation, there is a likelihood of 70% that is' escaping’ to another website. Key information must be on top, as telephone, management and access to your menu.

Marketing through applications

The app's mobile They are the order of the day. We're not talking about investing a lot of money to have your own application but integrate advertising in certain mobile applications, as can through Facebook o Twitter, even in mobile games.

QR codes

Customers can scan a QR code with your smartphone, and that send them to a specific page. Behind it there is a sense of mystery that promotes and encourages users to scan QR codes. The key is to use imagination.

Do you have an event at the restaurant? Out cards Original does not sound right? The council is that the card does not desveles anything, Only a mysterious phrase and QR code that customers have to scan to discover what hides. This code will lead them to a website where you can get a discount for that event.

QR codesLiveQr

Mobile phones have become a key tool for finding information, especially at the local level. The advantage for restaurants is that Users can search for related information with them just when they need it.

A study published by Constant Contact indicates that the 92% of respondents had sought a restaurant online via their mobile in the last six months. Three out of four customers choose a restaurant based on the proposals via mobile found, while a 80% is satisfactory and want to see the menu online before you decide.

Here you have 10 examples of restaurants that are already using mobile marketing:

10 Examples of Restaurants Using Mobile Marketing

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